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This volume examines works of art in a variety of media produced in Florence during the period from 1300 to 1600. Chronologically organized, each chapter examines works of art and architecture within the context of the major political, social, economic and cultural events of the period. Patterns of ..
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Greek Sculpture and the Problem of Description
Although scholars have emphasized the importance of isolating the objective evaluation of evidence from interpretation, in practice, it has proved difficult to determine the distinction. This study examines the scholarship on description for a select number of well-known Greek statues from the eight..
₦ 17,103
Art and Text in Byzantine Culture
Art and Text in Byzantine Culture explores the relationship between images and words, and examines the different types of interactions between pictures and texts in Byzantine art. Byzantium is the only major world power to have experienced political upheaval on a vast scale as a result of an argumen..
₦ 12,641
The Afterlife of Raphael's Paintings
Raphael is one of the rare artists who have never gone out of fashion. Acclaimed during his lifetime, he was imitated by contemporaries and served as a model for painters through the nineteenth century. His works have continuously been subject to care, conservation, and restoration, and here Hoenige..
₦ 21,250
Why did Renaissance art come to matter so much, so widely, and for so long? Patricia Emison's answer depends on a recalibrated view of the long Renaissance – from 1300 to 1600 – synthesizing the considerable evolution in our understanding of the epoch since the foundational nineteenth-century studie..
₦ 22,844
The Poetics of Portraiture in the Italian Renaissance
Focusing on paintings by Giorgione, Titian, Parmigianino, and Raphael, Jodi Cranston explores the significance of the formal inventions that address the presence of the beholder, particularly the introduction of a range of poses and self-reflexive gestures, and how such a visual dialogue with the be..
₦ 31,769
Michelangelo and the Reform of Art
Michelangelo was acutely conscious of living in an age of religious crisis and artistic change, and for him the two issues were related. Michelangelo and the Reform of Art explores Michelangelo's awareness of artistic tradition as a means of understanding his relation, as a devoutly Christian artist..
₦ 31,769
Cosimo I de' Medici and his Self-Representation in Florentine Art and Culture
In this study, Henk Th. van Veen reassesses how Cosimo de' Medici represented himself in images during the course of his rule. Traditionally, Cosimo is seen to be posing as a republican prince in the images made of him during the early years of his reign; as his power grew, he represented himself as..
₦ 25,713
Cézanne/Pissarro, Johns/Rauschenberg
This book presents a comparative study of two pairs of collaborative artists who worked closely with one another. The first pair, Cézanne and Pissarro, contributed to the emergence of modern art. The second pair, Johns and Rauschenberg, contributed to the demise of modern art. In each case, the two ..
₦ 27,944
Russian Modernism between East and West
This book reconstructs the efforts of avant-garde artists, primarily Natal'ia Goncharova and her Muscovite colleagues, to reclaim Russia's 'Eastern' cultural heritage. Before the First World War, art addressed a crisis in self-representation that was a consequence of Russia's dual cultural legacies,..
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The Florentine Academy and the Early Modern State
This title examines the academic, confraternal, and guild practices of artists in Florence over a period of two hundred years, from the mid-sixteenth to the mid-eighteenth century. Based on archival sources, many of which are published here for the first time, it provides a detailed study of the ped..
₦ 31,769
Lorenzo de'Medici, Collector of Antiquities
Lorenzo de' Medici was a key figure in the creation of the Renaissance. An important patron of the arts in fifteenth century Florence, he was also a passionate collector of objects from antiquity and the post-antique period. His activities as a collector are documented in a group of 173 letters, pre..
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