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The Modern American House
Sandy Isenstadt examines how architects, interior designers, and landscape designers worked to enhance spatial perception in middle class houses visually. The desire for spaciousness reached its highest pitch where it was most lacking, in the small, single-family houses that came to be the cornersto..
₦ 27,944
Architecture and Language
Architecture and Language examines one of the central themes in the history and theory of Western architecture. Seeking to understand how language provides a model for understanding architecture, the essays in this volume both celebrate the diversity of the language-architecture analogy and assess i..
₦ 29,856
Integrated Land Use and Transport Modelling
The integration of the location of activities in space and the use of transport has been a theoretical planning issue for many years. However, most books on this subject treat each component of the land use and transportation system with different, sometimes even conflicting, theories. The purpose o..
₦ 13,278
The American Skyscraper
More than any other phenomenon, the skyscraper has determined the character of the American city, altering its physicality and land use patterns; prompting design, technological, and infrastructure developments; creating internal work environments; and redefining boundaries and expectations of indiv..
₦ 23,800
The Creation of Modern Athens
This is the first book to examine the urban development of Athens in the nineteenth century. Analysing the process of architectural and urban design as it was experienced and evaluated by architects and the public, Eleni Bastéa reveals the multiple and often conflicting interpretations of the new ci..
₦ 31,769
This ground-breaking quarterly aims to act as an international forum for practitioners and academics by publishing cutting-edge work covering all aspects of architectural endeavour. Generously illustrated throughout, Architectural Research Quarterly is edited with busy practitioners and academics in..
₦ 14,234
In this book the author explores the sociological foundations of domestic design in eighteenth-century France, the acknowledged leader of domestic architecture in this period. Focusing on the Place Vendôme, which was developed by the financiers of Paris, she examines the representational strategies ..
₦ 51,531
The Place Royale and Urban Design in the Ancien Régime
The Place Royale and Urban Design in the Ancien Régime was the first study to examine a unique urban phenomenon that is closely associated with French monarchy in the age of absolutism. A distinct type of city square, the places royales were planned in honour of Louis XIV and his heir, Louis XV. Fea..
₦ 35,913
The Urban Image of Augustan Rome
The Urban Image of Augustan Rome examines the idea and experience of the ancient city at a critical moment, when Rome became an Imperial capital. Lacking dignity, unity, and a clear image during the Republic, the urban image of Rome became focused only when the state came under the control of August..
₦ 15,831
Rediscovering Antiquity
This 1995 book examines the early history of the excavations at three important sites of classical antiquity, which came to light in 1738 through the life and work of Karl Jakob Weber, who supervised these investigations from 1750 to 1765. While many of his contemporaries sought only the recovery of..
₦ 10,091
Giulio Romano
The Giulio Romano exhibition in Mantua in 1989 was the occasion for the publication, for the first time, of a full and thorough account of Giulio's art. This hugely successful catalogue, published by the Milanese house Electa, brought to the public's attention the extraordinary range of the artist's..
₦ 50,256
Lewis Mumford and American Modernism
Lewis Mumford and American Modernism examines the career and writings of America's leading critic of architecture. The author of numerous books on the history of architecture, Mumford focused on the roles that technology and urbanism have played in modern civilisation. One of the first to write appr..
₦ 12,641