Non-western art

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China's Museums
This book provides a guide to China's rich and varied museum collections, illustrated with rare images from the collections themselves. A great number of exquisite objects and artifacts have been preserved on China's vast territory, many of which are now displayed as museum exhibits. These cultural ..
₦ 9,453
Korean Art from the Gompertz and Other Collections in the Fitzwilliam Museum
Including a representative range of ceramics from the fifth to the twentieth century and items in various other materials, the collection of Korean art in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, is one of the finest outside of the Far East. Although Korea's ceramics equal China's in quality and technique..
₦ 94,562
Chinese Ceramics
The Chinese are famed as the first to have discovered and mastered the techniques needed to produce porcelain. Yet carefully crafted ceramics are valued not only for their beauty, but also as precious cultural artifacts shedding light on the period in which they were produced. Chinese ceramics repre..
₦ 9,453
Chinese Furniture
Unique in style, Chinese furniture has long been celebrated for its elegant, artistic lines and strong, durable structure. Ranging from pieces designed simply to display the beauty and texture of natural woods to magnificent pieces decorated with lavish carvings, lacquer or precious metals and stone..
₦ 9,453
Chinese Calligraphy
The art of calligraphy is seen as the epitome of Chinese culture. Originating in the earliest abstract symbols carved on cave walls, animal bones and tortoise shells by the ancient Chinese people, over several thousand years calligraphy has become far more than a means of writing and recording event..
₦ 9,453
The Wild Bull and the Sacred Forest
This 1992 study of the cattle-horned initiation masks of southern Senegal and the Gambia weaves together art history, history, and cultural anthropology to give a detailed view of Casamance cultures, as they have interacted and changed over the past two centuries. Based on seven field trips to West ..
₦ 10,409
Art and Writing in the Maya Cities, AD 600–800
Art and Writing in the Maya Cities, AD 600–800 examines an important aspect of the visual cultures of the ancient Maya in southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras. During a critical period of cultural evolution, artistic production changed significantly, as calligraphy became an increasingly..
₦ 23,800
So Far from Heaven
Between 1964 and 1971, the Mexican mural painter David Alfaro Siqueiros produced The March of Humanity on Earth and Toward the Cosmos in Mexico City, his last major project and the largest mural in the world. This illustrated book mounts a careful study of the painting, which it sees as marking the ..
₦ 10,728
Learning from Mount Hua
Originally published in 1993, Learning from Mount Hua is a close study of a travelog written and illustrated by a late fourteenth-century Chinese physician and amateur painter, Wang Lü. Transformed by the experience of scaling Mount Hua, the Sacred Mountain of the West, Wang struggled to free himsel..
₦ 35,913
Architecture in the Age of Stalin
Architecture in the Age of Stalin: Culture Two was first published in 2002. It examines the cultural mechanisms that affected the evolution of architecture in Russia during the Stalinist period. Defining two conflicting trends - Culture One and Culture Two - that have alternately prevailed in Russia..
₦ 31,769