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This stunning book of photographs by Robyn Stacey, one of Australia's greatest photographers, is the first of its kind. Together with essayist, Ashley Hay, they throw open the closed doors of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney herbarium, and reveal the secret history of Australia's flora. Herbarium t..
₦ 19,656
Photography and its Critics
Photography and its Critics offers an original overview of nineteenth-century American and European writing about photography from such disparate fields as art theory, social reform, and physiology. The earliest criticism of the invention was informed by an ample legacy of notions about objectivity,..
₦ 27,944
The Dramatic Works in the Beaumont and Fletcher Canon
This is the ninth volume in a ten-volume series of the critical old-spelling texts of the plays in the Beaumont and Fletcher canon, in which the texts are established on modern bibliographical principles. This volume contains the texts of six plays written by Fletcher and his collaborators, William ..
₦ 20,613