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So You Want To Be A Journalist?
This book is a practical, hands-on guide to the world of journalism, particularly for the beginner. It contains step-by-step instructions on writing for the news media, and practical advice and suggestions on all facets of reporting. It covers the basic skills involved in finding information, interv..
₦ 14,234
Narrative and Media
Narrative and Media applies contemporary narrative theory to media texts, including film, television, radio, advertising, and print journalism. Drawing on research in structuralist and post-structuralist theory, as well as functional grammar and image analysis, the book explains the narrative techni..
₦ 12,003
Court Reporting in Australia
Court Reporting in Australia uses the experience of reporters and subeditors to present a practical view of reporting on the legal system. Peter Gregory avoids the rigid fashion in which media law matters are usually described and, while he covers such vital areas as defamation and contempt, he focu..
₦ 15,191
Another Frank Capra
Another Frank Capra offers a new interpretation of the great Hollywood director beyond the patriotic sentimentalist or the cynical opportunist that he has been taken for. Often cast as a cinematic simpleton or primitive, Capra's exploitation of the stylistic and narrative resources of cinema was, in..
₦ 17,425
Propaganda and Democracy
This is the first comprehensive study on the relationship of propaganda to participatory democracy in the United States during the twentieth century. The Muckrackers were the first critics to question whether the standard practices of communications industries, such as advertising and public relatio..
₦ 18,381
Inside Soviet Film Satire
Inside Soviet Film Satire is a lively collection of sixteen original essays by Soviet, American and Canadian scholars and film commentators. It is the first indepth examination of an important genre within the Soviet film tradition. From its origins, humour and satire have been closely linked in Sov..
₦ 13,278
Melodrama and Asian Cinema
Cinema is a dominant force in the lives of many people living in Asia. A concept central to much of Asian film production is melodrama. This path-breaking study examines the importance of melodrama in the film traditions of Japan, India, China, Indonesia, the Philippines and Australia. Exploring the..
₦ 16,150
Australian Cinema After Mabo
Australian Cinema After Mabo is the first comprehensive study of Australian national cinema in the 1990s. Using the 1992 Mabo decision as a starting point, it looks at how the Mabo decision, where the founding doctrine of terra nullius was overruled, has destabilised the way Australians relate to th..
₦ 11,684
The Public Sphere
What is happening to public debate in Western cultures? Is our public sphere disintegrating? In the face of popular tabloid newspapers, new forms of reality television and an increasing lack of respect for traditional authorities, many critics are concerned that our society no longer has a rational,..
₦ 11,366
British Film
This book explores British cinema in relation to its social political and cultural contexts. Each chapter deals with a specific topic and includes close readings of key films from different historical periods. Topics include realism, expressionism, popular cinema, film and theater, sexuality and gen..
₦ 11,684
This book offers a comprehensive overview of Orson Welles' life and career, highlighting the shape of the filmmaker's career, his astonishing precocity and his extraordinary gifts that resulted in both splendid successes and puzzling failures. Examining the key and recurring themes of Welles' long a..
₦ 11,366
The Invention of the Western Film
The Invention of the Western Film ranges across literature, visual arts, social history, ideology, and legend to provide, for the first time, an in-depth exploration of the early Western, from short kinetoscopes of the 1890s through 'classic' features of the 1940s. By examining the American Indian's..
₦ 16,469