Respiratory medicine

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Drugs for the Treatment of Respiratory Diseases
Respiratory diseases affect millions of people each year and represent a major health burden around the world. This timely reference surveys and evaluates the drug treatments available for the main categories of lung diseases including asthma, tuberculosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lun..
₦ 53,125
Infectious Diseases of the Respiratory Tract
From the common cold to many life-threatening conditions such as tuberculosis, infectious disease of the respiratory tract is a widespread problem. This text provides a complete and highly illustrated dossier of information and practical advice on both pathogens and major syndromes. It also includes..
₦ 129,944
Lung Transplantation
This book provides a detailed account of the principles and practice of contemporary lung transplantation. An accomplished, international team of contributing authors have combined their expertise to provide scientific developments and clinical knowledge based on their extensive experience. The book..
₦ 20,931
Exercise Testing and Interpretation
This provides a practical and systematic approach to the acquisition, interpretation, and reporting of physiologic responses to exercise. Pulmonologists, cardiologists, and sports physicians, as well as respiratory therapists and other allied health professionals will find this book an indispensable..
₦ 23,162
Introduction to Bronchoscopy
Bronchoscopy is one of the most commonly performed medical procedures and also defines the procedural practice of chest physicians and surgeons. In most training programs, however, there is little structured education and trainees learn by watching and doing. This book is intended as a roadmap for a..
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