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Practical Procedures in Orthopaedic Trauma Surgery
This highly illustrated textbook provides an essential guide for surgeons in training. It follows a step-by-step approach to performing a surgical procedure. It includes details of positioning the patient, the approach and reduction technique, the implant to be inserted, protocols for postoperative ..
₦ 22,525
Anatomy Tutor for Surgeons in Training
Based on the authors' own tutorials and dissection sessions during basic surgical training, this invaluable guide to surgical anatomy, fully illustrated throughout with clear line diagrams drawn exclusively for this book, will provide the surgical trainee with an invaluable guide to this important p..
₦ 15,831
Plastic Surgery
This text has been designed specifically to help senior plastic surgery trainees to prepare for and pass their postgraduate examinations in plastic surgery. It will also appeal to trainees with less experience who may use it as a core text during their training. The first edition of this text was wr..
₦ 26,031
Assisting at Surgical Operations
There are many superb books on how to do operations but there are few or none on how to assist at them, and none written either by or for medical students or doctors. Therefore, the skills that make an expert surgical assistant are difficult to acquire. Normally, they can only be learnt in a haphaza..
₦ 13,916
Cambridge Illustrated History of Surgery
Written in a lively and engaging style, by a medical author and teacher of great renown, this book provides a fascinating and informative introduction to the development of surgery through the ages. It illustrates some of the key advances in surgery from primitive techniques such as trepanning, thro..
₦ 17,422
Handbook of Patient Transportation
Over the past three decades, there has been growing concern over the management of victims of trauma and of medical emergencies, not least in the standard of prehospital care which they receive. In the 21st century, there is an increasing requirement to transfer patients, by road and by air, to and ..
₦ 14,872
Oxford Textbook of Trauma and Orthopaedics (Hardcover)
Comprises of five sections encompassing modern orthopaedic and trauma care Based on the British Orthopaedic Association curriculum Features chapter summaries at the start of each chapter Contains full colour photographs and numerous illustrations Boasts over 300 specialist contributors Com..
₦ 89,250
Applied Surgical Physiology Vivas
An understanding of basic sciences is the cornerstone of medical and surgical training, and viva examinations in particular remain a source of anxiety for many candidates. Applied Surgery Physiology Vivas follows the same format as the hugely popular General Pathology Vivas and Surgical Critical Car..
₦ 15,828
Positioning Patients for Surgery
This volume is a practical, procedure-by-procedure guide to patient positioning for about 50 of the most common surgical procedures, written by a multidisciplinary team of surgeons, nurses, ODAs and anaesthetists. Positioning for each procedure is described in detail and points of interest or potent..
₦ 12,641
Essential Radiological Anatomy for the MRCS
Over recent years the MRCS viva examination has increasingly made use of radiological imaging to facilitate the discussion of anatomy relevant to surgical practice. It is rare for junior doctors to receive adequate exposure to radiology in their day-to-day surgical practice, which makes preparation ..
₦ 14,234
Operations that Made History
A notable surgeon and charismatic teacher himself, Professor Ellis has brought together in Operations that made History a fascinating collection of renowned surgical procedures, each one illustrating a different aspect of the history of surgery. The first section of the book looks at examples of sur..
₦ 11,366
Fundamentals of Perioperative Management
This new title provides a concise, one-stop reference for anaesthetic trainees, surgical trainees and medical undergraduates, on the key topics in modern perioperative patient management, including detailed coverage of the essential physiological and pharmacological principles underlying basic perio..
₦ 21,569