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QNotes for the MRCP
QNotes for the MRCP Part 1 works alongside the Royal College of Physicians published Part 1 MCQ papers from 1996 and 1997 (and more specifically the QBase CD-ROM that accompanied them) to provide the reader with explanatory notes to each of the questions, which were not provided with the original CD..
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Systematic Reviews in Health Care
What do we do if different studies appear to give different answers? When applying research to questions for individual patients or for health policy, one of the challenges is interpreting such apparently conflicting research. A systematic review is a method to systematically identify relevant resea..
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Research in Medicine
Health professionals are increasingly drawn towards research in the course of their training, often with little guidance on the skills and techniques required. This practical text provides essential advice to guide the beginner through the processes involved in selecting, organizing, funding, undert..
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Working with Deaf People
Long gone are the days when a deaf person is expected to struggle through a healthcare consultation with a health professional who has inadequate deaf awareness. Legislation now dictates that the onus is on the health professional to utilise the right communication skills. Deafness is very common, m..
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Principles of Pharmacology
This volume, first published in 1991, provides a useful and informative introduction to basic pharmacological principles and practice in the context of tropical medicine and diseases. The author discusses the cultural and environmental factors that affect the use of drugs in the tropics. The book hi..
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Genomic Imprinting
Originally published in 1995, this significant publication on genomic or parental imprinting was prepared by an outstanding team of international authorities. Genomic imprinting results in the preferential expression of one allele, depending on the parent of origin. It is associated with several dis..
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Human Osteology
This advanced textbook provides the reader with an up-to-date account of recent developments and future potential in the study of human skeletons from both an archaeological and forensic context. It is well-illustrated, comprehensive in its coverage and is divided into six sections for ease of refer..
₦ 31,131
The Troubled Helix
This wide ranging and compelling account surveys the exciting opportunities and difficult problems which arise from human genetics. The availability of increasingly sophisticated information on our genetic make-up presents individuals, and society as a whole, with difficult decisions. Although it is..
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Clinical Applications of Artificial Neural Networks
Artificial neural networks provide a powerful tool to help doctors analyse, model and make sense of complex clinical data across a broad range of medical applications. Their potential in clinical medicine is reflected in the diversity of topics covered in this volume. In addition to looking at appli..
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Color Atlas of Cutaneous Excisions and Repairs
This full-color atlas presents an in-depth pictorial display of cutaneous surgery designed for all those interested in improving their surgical skills, from students and residents to experienced surgeons across a wide range of medical specialties. It provides step-by-step instructions through a seri..
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Understanding Physician-Pharmaceutical Industry Interactions
Physician-pharmaceutical industry interactions continue to generate heated debate in academic and public domains, both in the United States and abroad. Despite this, recent research suggests that physicians and physicians-in-training remain uninformed of the core issues and are ill-prepared to under..
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Interfacing the IBM-PC to Medical Equipment
As computerisation in the medical environment has increased, so the advantages of storage and the computer analysis of data from various monitoring and measuring equipment has become well recognised. Most medical monitoring and measurement equipment now supports an RS-232 serial interface, allowing ..
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