Medical law, ethics and forensic medicine

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Clinical Forensic Medicine
Medical evidence plays a vital part in many criminal prosecutions, most notably when serious injury or physical abuse is part of the prosecution's case. Now in its third edition, this book is an essential text for practitioners of clinical forensic medicine and for those who take them through judici..
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Teaching Medical Professionalism
Until recently professionalism was transmitted by respected role models, a method that depended heavily on the presence of a homogeneous society sharing values. This is no longer true, and medical schools and postgraduate training programs in the developed world are now actively teaching professiona..
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Undertaking Sensitive Research in the Health and Social Sciences
Undertaking qualitative research on sensitive topics often raises a variety of ethical problems. Based on empirical research, this book documents experiences throughout the entire research process: from conceptualization, ethics approval, fieldwork, to analysis and publication. It presents readers w..
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The Cambridge Textbook of Bioethics
Medicine and health care generate many bioethical problems and dilemmas that are of great academic, professional and public interest. This comprehensive resource is designed as a succinct yet authoritative text and reference for clinicians, bioethicists, and advanced students seeking a better unders..
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Informed Consent and Clinician Accountability
This timely book analyses and evaluates ethical and social implications of recent developments in reporting surgeon performance. It contains chapters by leading international specialists in philosophy, bioethics, epidemiology, medical administration, surgery, and law, demonstrating the diversity and..
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Extreme Prematurity
Extreme Prematurity examines the controversial issues surrounding the clinical management of this group of neonates by the intervention of modern neonatal intensive care. The foregoing of life-sustaining treatment is of particular importance. The subject matter is very relevant because of the alarmi..
₦ 12,641
The Ethics of Inheritable Genetic Modification
Is inheritable genetic modification the new dividing line in gene therapy? The editors of this searching investigation, representing clinical medicine, public health and biomedical ethics, have established a distinguished team of scientists and scholars to address the issues from the perspectives of..
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Forensic Medicine
This edited, multi-author, multi-national book is intended to provide state-of-the-art information about the forensic aspects of medicine and related fields for those involved in the clinical and pathological forensic aspects of the care, assessment, investigation and diagnosis of victims, perpetrat..
₦ 65,875
The Vegetative State
The strange and harrowing sight of a person being awake but unaware with no evidence of a working mind - the characteristics of the vegetative state - provokes intense debate and raises profound questions for health professionals, ethicists, philosophers and lawyers. This unique account by an unriva..
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The Ethics of Medical Research on Humans
One of the most difficult problems that confronts clinicians and medical professionals is how to apply ethical principles to real decisions affecting patients. In this even-handed book, Foster examines the three main approaches to moral decision-making: goal-based, duty-based and rights-based. She e..
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Medical Harm
It is estimated that up to thirteen percent of hospital admissions result from the adverse effects of diagnosis or treatment, and that almost seventy percent of iatrogenic complications are preventable. The obligation to 'do no harm' has been central to medical conduct since ancient times, yet iatro..
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Ward Ethics
The existing literature in medical ethics does not serve the practical needs of medical students and trainees very well, as the dilemmas posed are generally beyond their direct control, and being a student or junior doctor brings its own set of ethical concerns. The editors have addressed this need ..
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