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Cancer of the Ovary
Ovarian cancer is not only the commonest but also the most lethal gynaecological malignancy, partly because the majority of patients present with advanced disease. Nevertheless, the management of patients with ovarian neoplasms has changed substantially recently, with improved survival due to better..
₦ 21,569
A Practical Guide to Human Cancer Genetics
The third edition of this very successful book provides a comprehensive and practical guide to the diagnosis and management of inherited disorders conferring susceptibility to cancer. Issues discussed include risk assessment, genetic counselling, predictive testing and organisation of a cancer genet..
₦ 22,525
Gene Expression Profiling by Microarrays
Microarray analysis is a highly efficient tool for assessing the expression of a large number of genes simultaneously, and offers a new means to classify cancer and other diseases. Gene expression profiling can also be used to predict clinical outcome and response to specific therapeutic agents. Thi..
₦ 39,100
Human Cancer
This important new reference book on human cancer provides a global picture of the epidemiology of cancer and its environmental causes. By summarising on a cancer-by-cancer basis geographical, environmental and ethical factors, the volume collates a wealth of information which, taken together, provi..
₦ 26,031
Familial Breast and Ovarian Cancer
This publication surveys the profound and far-reaching ramifications that have arisen from the very significant advances in our understanding of the genetic basis of familial breast and ovarian cancer. Written by international experts from Europe and North America, this book provides the busy clinic..
₦ 20,294
Outcomes Assessment in Cancer
Cancer touches the lives of millions worldwide each year. This is reflected not only in well publicised mortality statistics but also in the profound, though much more difficult to measure, effects of cancer on the health-related quality of life, economic status and overall wellbeing of patients and..
₦ 44,200
Inherited Susceptibility to Cancer
Many cancers, both common and rare, are known to have a hereditary predisposition and advances in genetics have clarified the risks and in some cases the mechanisms of cancer developing in an individual. First published in 1998, this important contribution to the literature of cancer genetics covers..
₦ 20,294
Common Breast Lesions
Generously illustrated with over 700 photographs, drawings, histopathology slides, radiographs, and mammographs, this color atlas provides a step-by-step guide to the differential diagnosis and treatment of the most prevalent diseases of the breast. Organized around primary patient complaints, part ..
₦ 49,938
Case Studies in Urological Cancer
Case Studies in Urological Cancer builds in the success of Dr Harnett's previous Case Studies in Breast Cancer, which has established itself as a key title for anyone involved in diagnosis and care of the patient with breast cancer. Featuring over 30 detailed case studies, with comprehensive explana..
₦ 23,162
Cancer of the Esophagus
The book deals briefly with the normal structure, functioning and biochemistry of the esophagus and with the histological and genetic changes accompanying the development of esophageal cancer in humans and animals. Factors implicated in causing esophageal cancer are described in relation to its very..
₦ 14,872
Handbook of Community Cancer Care
An authoritative handbook covering the management of all types of cancer, with an emphasis on those aspects of care of the cancer patient which are of particular interest in the community, for example the presentation of cancer and palliative care. The specialist management of different types of can..
₦ 12,959
Gastrointestinal Polyps
With the advent of endoscopic techniques, the gastrointestinal tract has now become more accessable to clinical investigators. Polyps are amongst the commonest abnormalities biopsed and submitted for histological assessment. The biological behavior of a polyp realtes entirely to its pathological nat..
₦ 27,944