Russian and east European government, politics and policy

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The Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and the Third World
Soviet policy towards the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America has undergone substantial expansion and change during the three decades since Khrushchev first initiated efforts to break out of the international isolation in which the USSR still found itself in the immediate post-Stalin years. ..
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Soviet Workers and the Collapse of Perestroika
Soviet Workers and and the Collapse of Perestroika is a comprehensive analysis of the role of labour policy in the development and ultimate collapse of Mikhail Gorbachev's reforms. Drawing on a wide range of sources, Filtzer argues that initially perestroika was designed to modernize the Soviet econ..
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East Germany and Detente
The emergence of East Germany as one of Europe's most vocal advocates of East-West détente in the 1980s represented a remarkable political transformation. Prior to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, East Germany had been amongst the most intransigent proponents of the Cold War, largely because of t..
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Soviet-British Relations since the 1970s
This volume brings together empirical and analytical studies of the nature and evolution of Soviet-British relations during the 1980s. The relationship is placed within the wider context of Soviet policy towards the West and NATO and the pivotal security role played by Britain between the United Sta..
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An Algebra of Soviet Power
Control of office has long been regarded as the key element in understanding power and policy in the Soviet system. What, however, accounts for the control of office and how are individuals recruited into positions of power and responsibility? In An Algebra of Soviet Power, Michael Urban adopts a fr..
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The Foreign Policy of the GDR in Africa
In this book Gareth Winrow provides a comprehensive account in English of East German foreign policy towards Africa since the early 1950s. He challenges the view of the GDR's role in Africa as solely that of a proxy for the Soviet Union. Instead, as he convincingly argues, East German foreign policy..
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Soviet Policy towards South Asia since 1970
This book seeks to understand the evolution of Soviet policy towards the countries of South Asia, the regional constraints and policy opportunities which influenced the policy process in Moscow, and the relationship between Soviet perceptions and policy objectives. The author divides Soviet foreign ..
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Investment and Property Rights in Yugoslavia
This book was written in 1992. For decades Yugoslavia had been developing its own model of socialism based on workers' self-management and the increasing use of the market mechanism. As a result, many scholars view the Yugoslav economy differently from other socialist systems. In this book, Dr Milic..
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Neo-Slavism and the Czechs 1898–1914
Originally published in 1977, this book filled a major gap in the studies of Eastern European history. It analyses the Neo-Slav movement using an exceptionally wide range of Czech primary sources. The subject is of considerable significance in connection with international relations in the period le..
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Hungary's Negotiated Revolution
In this book Rudolf Tökés offers a comprehensive overview of the rise and fall of the Kadar regime in Hungary between 1957 and 1990. The approach is interdisciplinary, reviewing the regime's record with emphasis on politics, macroeconomic policies, social change and the ideas and personalities of po..
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Money Sings
The politics surrounding the use of urban space expose the interaction of economic, physical, social and political factors that shape contemporary society. This exposure is especially revealing when focused on a single community during a period of dramatic transformation. Money Sings explores the sw..
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Patronage and Politics in the USSR
How do Soviet politicians rise to power? How are national and regional regimes formed? How are conflicting political interests brought together as policies are developed in the Soviet Union? In Patronage and Politics in the USSR Professor John Willerton offers major insights into the patronage netwo..
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