East Asian government, politics and policy

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Thirty years ago, China was emerging from one of the most traumatic periods in its history. The Chinese people had been ravaged by long years of domestic struggle, terrible famine and economic and political isolation. Today, China has the world's second largest economy and is a major player in globa..
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Multination States in Asia
As countries in Asia try to create unified polities, many face challenges from minority groups within their own borders seeking independence. This volume brings together international experts on countries in all regions of Asia to debate how differently they have responded to this problem. Why have ..
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Factionalism in Chinese Communist Politics
Factionalism is widely understood to be a distinguishing characteristic of Chinese politics. In this book, Jing Huang examines the role of factionalism in leadership relations and policy-making. His detailed knowledge of intra-party politics offers an alternative understanding of still-disputed stru..
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China and Africa
Covering a range of African countries from Equatorial Guinea to Tanzania, this volume adds to a growing literature on the emerging relationship between China and Africa, presenting work that is based on primary research. It includes articles on a wide range of subjects, including China's energy poli..
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Informal Politics in East Asia
The authors of Informal Politics in East Asia argue that political interaction within the informal dimension (behind-the-scenes politics) is at least as common and influential, though not always as transparent or coherent, as formal politics, and that this understudied category of social interaction..
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The Modern Chinese State
This is the first book to examine systematically the evolution of the Chinese state from the late Ming Dynasty of the seventeenth century, through the Nationalist and Communist party states of the twentieth century, and into the next century. Leading scholars carefully assess the internal organizati..
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Borderline Japan
This book offers a radical reinterpretation of postwar Japan's policies towards immigrants and foreign residents. Drawing on a wealth of historical material, Tessa Morris-Suzuki shows how the Cold War played a decisive role in shaping Japan's migration controls. She explores the little-known world o..
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The Decline of Communism in China
This book examines the relationship between the Communist political elite and the largely anti-Communist intellectual elite during the decade of reform (1977–1989). The author, who was a participant in these events, shows how the Deng Xiaoping regime precipitated a legitimacy crisis by encouraging e..
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Local People's Congresses in China
Cho addresses two key questions in this comprehensive study of local people's congresses at both provincial and county levels. First, what kinds of roles did Chinese local legislatures actually perform in local politics, and to what degree? Second, how have Chinese local legislatures become main pol..
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In Search of Chinese Democracy
Why modern China has been unable to institutionalize democracy is a long-standing topic of debate and the ultimate subject of this book. The greatest momentum for democracy, Edmund Fung contends, emerged between 1929 and 1949 with civil opposition to the one-party rule of the Guomindang. This analys..
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