European government, politics and policy

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The Politics of Spain
Spain's evolution from authoritarian dictatorship to modern democracy was a remarkable achievement, and it created a model that has since been emulated by other countries undergoing similar transitions. Yet its success raised a question that perplexes experts to this day: how and why did a successfu..
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The Europeanisation of National Administrations
Christoph Knill's book analyses the impact of European policies on national administrations. Under which conditions can we expect domestic change, particularly the convergence of administrative styles and structures? How can we explain national patterns of administrative transformation in the contex..
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Choice and Democratic Order
Choice and Democratic Order applies theories of group conflicts within political parties in a discussion of the internal politics of the French Socialist Party (SFIO) from the late 1930s to the 1940s. Having analysed the formal and informal structure of the party in 1937, Professor Graham gives a de..
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The Politics of the European Union
A new introduction to the European Union which uses the lens of comparative politics. This approach helps students understand the EU through comparisons with domestic politics and links with broader debates in political science. The text is supported by numerous examples, and chapters include briefi..
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Governing and Governance in France
As a leading European nation with a particular state tradition and historical legacy, France has long fascinated foreign observers. In recent decades, the 'orthodox model' of French politics and policy-making has been challenged by powerful forces of globalization, Europeanisation, decentralization,..
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Ruling Europe
The Stability and Growth Pact (SGP) is central to Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) in Europe. Initiated by Germany in 1995 and adopted in 1997, it regulates the fiscal policies of European Union Member States. Following numerous violations of its deficit reference value, the Pact's Excessive Defici..
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Populist Radical Right Parties in Europe
As Europe enters a significant phase of re-integration of East and West, it faces an increasing problem with the rise of far-right political parties. Cas Mudde offers the first comprehensive and truly pan-European study of populist radical right parties in Europe. He focuses on the parties themselve..
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Religion in an Expanding Europe
With political controversies raging over issues such as the wearing of headscarves in schools and the mention of Christianity in the European Constitution, religious issues are of growing importance in European politics. In this volume, Byrnes and Katzenstein analyze the effect that enlargement to c..
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Portugal's Revolution
This 1986 book was written to mark the first decade since a group of young Portuguese army officers ended fifty years of right-wing dictatorship, and is a major socio-political study of the fate of Portugal in the decade since the coup d'état. In over ninety hours of tape-recorded interviews, the au..
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Euros and Europeans
Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) is one of the most important developments in modern European politics. Building on two decades of monetary integration it transfers monetary policy, a core function of the modern state, to an independent European Central Bank (ECB) and limits member states' fiscal p..
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Markets and Moral Regulation
Does European integration influence national cultures and social policies? Is Europe's fabled cultural diversity diminishing? Paulette Kurzer examines these important and topical questions by comparing the Irish abortion ban, Finnish and Swedish drinking restrictions, and Dutch drug decriminalizatio..
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Judging the Past in Unified Germany
In recent years, no modern democracy has taken more aggressive steps to come to terms with a legacy of dictatorship than has the Federal Republic of Germany with the crimes and injustices of Communist East Germany. In this book, A. James McAdams provides a comprehensive and engaging examination of t..
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