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Post-Broadcast Democracy
The media environment is changing. Today in the United States, the average viewer can choose from hundreds of channels, including several twenty-four hour news channels. News is on cell phones, on iPods, and online; it has become a ubiquitous and unavoidable reality in modern society. The purpose of..
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The Mass Media and the Dynamics of American Racial Attitudes
Paul M. Kellstedt explains the variation in Americans' racial attitudes over the last half-century, particularly the relationship between media coverage of race and American public opinion on race. The analyses reveal that racial policy preferences have evolved in an interesting and unpredicted (if ..
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Media Concentration and Democracy
Firmly rooting its argument in democratic and economic theory, the book argues that a more democratic distribution of communicative power within the public sphere and a structure that provides safeguards against abuse of media power provide two of three primary arguments for ownership dispersal. It ..
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Gay Rights and American Law
Gay Rights and American Law investigates how American appellate courts dealt with the struggle for lesbian and gay civil rights during the last two decades of the twentieth century. The study is grounded on an exhaustive database of both federal and state cases, rendered between 1981 and 2000, and o..
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A Voting Rights Odyssey
A Voting Rights Odyssey is the story of the efforts of the white leadership in Georgia to maintain white supremacy by denying blacks the right to vote and hold elected office. Narrated chronologically, most of the story is told by those who participated; from Alexander H. Stephens, Vice President of..
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Citizens, Politics and Social Communication
Democratic politics is a collective enterprise, not simply because individual votes are counted to determine winners, but more fundamentally because the individual exercise of citizenship is an interdependent undertaking. Citizens argue with one another and they generally arrive at political decisio..
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Hearing the Other Side
'Religion and politics', as the old saying goes, 'should never be discussed in mixed company.'And yet fostering discussions that cross lines of political difference has long been a central concern of political theorists. More recently, it has also become a cause célèbre for pundits and civic-minded ..
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The Supreme Court and the Attitudinal Model Revisited
This book, authored by two leading scholars of the Supreme Court and its policy making, systematically presents and validates the use of the attitudinal model to explain and predict Supreme Court decision making. In the process, it critiques the two major alternative models of Supreme Court decision..
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Congress, Progressive Reform, and the New American State
First published in 2004, Congress, Progressive Reform and the New American State uses a series of case-studies of reform legislation in Congress during the early twentieth century to explore the nature of progressivism and the processes of political change which resulted in the establishment of the ..
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American Government
The essential story of American politics and government is the relationship between liberalism and democracy. American Government demonstrates that the tensions and complementarities between liberalism and democracy are crucial for understanding each and all of the central governing institutions and..
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New Media Campaigns and the Managed Citizen
The political campaign is one of the most important organizations in a democracy, and whether issue or candidate specific, it is one of the least understood organizations in contemporary political life. This book is a critical assessment of the role that information technologies have come to play in..
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Making Law in the United States Courts of Appeals
The book examines circuit court decision making on issues not clearly covered by existing precedents. Its central questions are to what extent circuit judges' choices to adopt legal rules are influenced by the actions of other circuit judges and whether judges attempt to decide legal issues as they ..
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