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Japan, Europe, and International Financial Markets
The deregulation of financial markets in various nations in the 1980s brought about a qualitative change in their operation and a greater degree of integration among these markets. These changes enabled the free flow of financial resources across borders, which allows private and public institutions..
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Open Economies
The interaction between macroeconomic and agricultural sector reforms is of vital importance to developing and East European economies, whose agricultural sectors account for major shares of economic activity and income. Derived from a conference organised jointly by the Centre for Economic Policy R..
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Rational Expectations
Economists have developed models in which individuals form expectations of key variables in a 'rational' manner such that these expectations are consistent with actual economic environments. Professor Sheffrin first explores the logical foundation of the concept and the case for employing it in econ..
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Imperfect Knowledge and Monetary Policy
Based on lectures given as part of The Stone Lectures in Economics, this book discusses the problem of formulating monetary policy in practice, under the uncertain circumstances which characterize the real world. The first lecture highlights the limitations of decision rules suggested by the academi..
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Themes in Macroeconomic History
Characterized by mass unemployment, protectionism, diverse exchange rate regimes, the disintegration of the world trade, and poor long-term growth prospects, the interwar period was, by any standards, a remarkable one. This textbook provides a survey of the key macroeconomic questions that arose fro..
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New Dimensions in Regional Integration
Interest in regional integration has recently revived in both developed and developing countries. The US has responded to the lack of progress in the Uruguay Round of the GATT by pursuing bilateral trade negotiations, while developing countries have been prompted to re-evaluate the potential benefit..
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Managing the Challenges of WTO Participation
This compilation of 45 case studies documents disparate experiences among economies in addressing the challenges of participating in the WTO. It demonstrates that success or failure is strongly influenced by how governments and private sector stakeholders organise themselves at home. The contributor..
₦ 20,613
The Economics of Exchange Rates
In the last few decades exchange rate economics has seen a number of developments, with substantial contributions to both the theory and empirics of exchange rate determination. Important developments in econometrics and the increasingly large availability of high-quality data have also been respons..
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This book was first published in 1988. It looks at the history of OPEC, and the political and economic events that have shaped the organisation and the world economy since its creation in 1960. It covers the background to its establishment, the years in which it struggled to find a role, and the cri..
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Market Socialism or the Restoration of Capitalism?
When East European communism collapsed in the revolutions of 1989, the newly liberated countries discarded socialism altogether. For the first time, most of Eastern Europe experienced free elections and a multitude of parties, mostly with liberal, conservative or nationalist connotations, made their..
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Economic Theories in China, 1979–1988
In China, the decade 1989–1988 featured an unprecedented willingness to depart from the traditional dogmatic interpretations of socialism and to enter into a discourse aimed at promoting economic reforms and development. Robert C. Hsu systematically explores the substance and logic of the evolution ..
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A Monetary History of Italy
This volume deals with the monetary history of Italy from its independence in 1861 to 1992. It provides the first complete analysis of a country which has experienced diverse and often dramatic monetary conditions. The authors interpret Italian monetary history through the looking glass of a model w..
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