Industrial economics

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Search Models and Applied Labor Economics
This collection of papers marks the development of empirical application of the search approach to labor economics - an approach which arose as a theoretical development of the 1960s and led to numerous insights in the 1970s. The search approach naturally incorporates uncertainty in the economic mod..
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Acquiring Skills
In recent years, technological change, unemployment and industrial restructuring have highlighted training and the acquisition of skills as a policy issue. There is widespread concern that employees are insufficiently skilled, and it is recognised that this deficiency can have serious economic conse..
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Sources of Productivity Growth
Over the past couple of decades there have been surges in productivity in a number of countries, in particular in the UK under the Thatcher government. Until now, explanations of these changes have not been satisfactory. This compelling book examines, for the first time, the data relating to these c..
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Entrepreneurship, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and the Macroeconomy
This book was originally published in 1999. At this time, the US economy had recently restructured itself, moving away from an industrial economy towards one based on information, while the European Union and Japan were left to worry about rising government deficits, inflexible businesses, persisten..
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The Economics of Teacher Supply
This book was originally published in 1979 and deals with the contentious subject of teacher's pay. There were a number of key issues. First, and most crucial, how salary levels were affecting the aggregate supply or teachers. In other words, where teaching is a vocation so salaries make no differen..
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The Internet Revolution
Information technology has become a constant presence in contemporary life, infiltrating community, business and state affairs. This book discusses the uses and problems of IT in both developing and advanced countries, focusing on the ways in which IT changes society without neglecting the problemat..
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Wage Inequalities in East and West
This 1994 book analyses wage hierarchy in market and planning theory, and how these theories can be used as a basis for the comparison of wage structures in Western and Soviet-type systems. The author analyses statistical data from ten countries in both systems at the beginning of the eighties, and ..
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Urban Economic Theory
This book examines the economic reasons why people choose to live where they live and develops, through analysis of the bid rent function, a unified theory of urban land use and city size. The first part of the book explicates the basic theory of urban land use and optimal city size. Residential loc..
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The Economic Theory of Product Differentiation
There are few industries in modern market economies that do not manufacture differentiated products. This book provides a systematic explanation and analysis of the widespread prevalence of this important category of products. The authors concentrate on models in which product selection is endogenou..
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Sectoral Systems of Innovation
Innovation and technological change show different rates, types and trajectories depending on the sector in which they take place. Agents and institutions of a sector all exert a major influence on innovation. With contributions from nineteen experts in their field, this book proposes the framework ..
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The New ICT Ecosystem
The ICT sector is crucial as a driver of economic and social growth. Not only is it an important industry in its own right, but it also provides the communication and infrastructure without which modern economies could not function. How does this sector work? Why is it stronger in some countries tha..
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Analytical Studies in Transport Economics
First published in 1985 and strongly quantitative in flavour, Analytical Studies in Transport Economics presents work that was at the frontier of research in the field of transport economics. Written by some of the leading scholars in this field, it covers intercity freight and air passenger transpo..
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