Finance and accountancy

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The Elements of Accounting
This book is a clear and concise introduction to the content and structure of accounting statements and the double entry system which underlies them. It is intended as a first introduction to the subject and assumes no previous knowledge or experience of accounting. Worked numerical examples are an ..
₦ 13,597
Corporate Bankruptcy
This collection is the first comprehensive selection of readings focusing on corporate bankruptcy. Its main purpose is to explore the nature and efficiency of corporate reorganisation using interdisciplinary approaches drawn from law, economics, business, and finance. Substantive areas covered inclu..
₦ 18,062
The Past and Future of Central Bank Cooperation
This book explores the past and future of central bank cooperation. In today's global economy, the cooperation between central banks is a key element in maintaining or restoring monetary and financial stability, thereby ensuring a smooth functioning of the international financial system. In this boo..
₦ 12,003
Systemic Financial Crises
Faced with a systemic financial sector crisis, policymakers need to make difficult choices under pressure. Based on the experience of many countries in recent years, few have been able to achieve a speedy, lasting and low-cost resolution. This volume considers the strengths and weaknesses of the var..
₦ 25,713
Capital Budgeting
This book for advanced students and professionals in management and finance explains the financial appraisal of capital budgeting projects. It develops basic concepts, principles and techniques and applies them to case studies in forestry, property and international investments. Resource constraints..
₦ 24,756
Sources of Value
Sources of Value is a comprehensive guide to financial decision making suitable for beginners as well as experienced practitioners. It treats financial decision making as both an art and a science and proposes a comprehensive approach through which companies can maximise their value. Beginners will ..
₦ 17,106
Hedge Funds in Emerging Markets
Largely exempt from regulation and shrouded in secrecy, "hedge funds" are one of the most controversial institutions in modern finance. Presenting a balanced view of the subject. De Brouwer explains their workings using case study material from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia an..
₦ 15,509
Financial Derivatives
This book offers a complete, succinct account of the principles of financial derivatives pricing. The first chapter provides readers with an intuitive exposition of basic random calculus. Concepts such as volatility and time, random walks, geometric Brownian motion, and Ito's lemma are discussed heu..
₦ 11,047
Rethinking Bank Regulation
This volume assembles and presents a database on bank regulation in over 150 countries (included also on CD). It offered the first comprehensive cross-country assessment of the impact of bank regulation on the operation of banks, and assesses the validity of the Basel Committee's influential approac..
₦ 12,641
Tax Policy in the Real World
Leading economists and scholars discuss and debate current tax policy issues in non-technical language, illustrating how the principles of tax analysis can be applied to real-world issues. Among the topics addressed are the practical feasibility of consumption tax alternatives to the current income ..
₦ 14,872
Recent Developments in Corporate Finance
This book was originally published in 1986. During the decade preceding publication there were a number of significant developments in financial economics and major contributions made both by individuals who could be classified as conventional financial economists and by others who do not fit easily..
₦ 12,322
Debating Coal Closures
This book, published in the late 1980s, reproduces articles and reports which were written and gained prominence during the 1984–5 coal dispute in the UK. It is, however, more than a contribution to the history of that dispute and the associated debates about the viability and strategies of the NCB ..
₦ 12,959