Economic thought, philosophy and methodology

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Equilibrium Business Cycle Theory in Historical Perspective
This book presents a historical investigation of the theoretical development of contemporary Equilibrium Business Cycle Theory (EBCT). The author examines the central features of the EBCT by tracing both the history of business cycle theory and the history of econometrics. These historical analyses ..
₦ 11,684
Walrasian Economics
In order to understand the various strands of general equilibrium theory, why it has taken the forms that it has since the time of Leon Walras, and to appreciate fully a view of the state of general equilibrium theorizing, it is essential to understand Walras's work and examine its influence. The fi..
₦ 23,800
More Heat than Light
More Heat Than Light is a history of how physics has drawn some inspiration from economics and also how economics has sought to emulate physics, especially with regard to the theory of value. It traces the development of the energy concept in Western physics and its subsequent effect upon the invent..
₦ 14,553
T. R. Malthus: The Unpublished Papers in the Collection of Kanto Gakuen University
Originally published in 2004, this is the second and final volume of manuscripts by or relating to Thomas Robert Malthus (1766–1834) that are now held at Kanto Gakuen University in Japan. Volume I, published in 1997, contains 75 items of correspondence. Volume II, now published, contains transcripti..
₦ 13,916
The Correspondence of Alfred Marshall, Economist
This is the second of a three-volume work constituting a comprehensive, scholarly edition of the correspondence of the English economist, Alfred Marshall (1842–1924), one of the leading figures in the development of economics and the founder of the Cambridge School of Economics. The edition fills a ..
₦ 22,525
The History of Econometric Ideas
The History of Econometric Ideas covers the period from the late-nineteenth century to the middle of the twentieth century, illustrating how economists first learnt to harness statistical methods to measure and test the 'laws' of economics. Though scholarly, Dr Morgan's book is very accessible and d..
₦ 13,278
Keynes's General Theory and Accumulation
This book makes Keynes's writings in his General Theory accessible to students by presenting this theory in a careful, consistent manner that is faithful to the original. Keynes's theory continues to be important, because the issues it raised, such as the problems of involuntary unemployment, the vo..
₦ 14,234
Sheffield Steel and America
The book provides an important contribution to the technological and commercial history of crucible and electric steelmaking by thoroughly examining its development in Sheffield and American centres such as Pittsburgh. It also discusses cutlery, saw and file manufacturing, where the Americans quickl..
₦ 12,959
Some British Empiricists in the Social Sciences, 1650–1900
This book describes the development of economic, demographic and social statistics in the British Isles from the mid-seventeenth century to the end of the nineteenth as represented by the work of twelve pioneers in these fields. Its most distinctive feature is its tables, which bring together in cle..
₦ 17,425
The Modernization of Soviet Industrial Management
This book first published in 1982 considers the problems of efficiently managing large enterprises which are common to both the West and to the Soviet Union. The growth in management science in the West has been paralleled in the Soviet Union in the years since Khrushchev's fall. Professor Conyngham..
₦ 17,425
The Economics of John Kenneth Galbraith
The recent financial crisis has once again seen John Kenneth Galbraith return to the bestseller lists. Yet, despite the continued popular success of his works, Galbraith's contribution to economic theory is rarely recognised by today's economists. This book redresses the balance by providing an intr..
₦ 27,625
Breaking from Taylorism
In this book, the future of one of the world's most important industries is examined from the perspective of work structures and labour relations policies. The authors examine the restructuring of the world automobile industry in the 1980s, and draw data from an in-depth empirical study of three lea..
₦ 15,831