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Economics MyEconLab powered by CourseCompass with eBook (online purchase) 7th Edition
Economics seventh edition is all new. A new co –author Alison Wride from the University of Exeter has joined the team to build on the well known and well loved previous six editions. The new seventh edition continues to provide a comprehensive and completely up-to-date self-contained introducti..
₦ 22,097
Emerging Industrial Innovation Strategies: Challenges and Sustainability
Operationally, Industrialization may be seen as the process of transforming raw materials (with the aid of human resources and capital goods) into consumer goods or new capital goods which emits more consumer goods to be produces with the same human resources as well as social over head capital toge..
₦ 3,719
Definitely, the scope of programming is very broad and encompasses many topics. This book therefore selects those portions of the subject which present a logical and coherent body of knowledge for classroom presentation, self study and professional practice. As programmer knows, a good program is v..
₦ 2,656
Snap Judgment When to Trust Your Instincts, When to Ignore Them, and How to Avoid Making Big Mistakes with Your Money
"Adler’s argument is illuminating and reveals that, when it comes to investing, we should always have second thoughts about our first impressions." --Publisher's Weekly WHY YOUR INSTINCTS CAN BE YOUR #1 ENEMY—AND HOW TO DEFEAT THEM! “David Adler’s Snap Judgment is a well-written, entertaining rev..
₦ 9,666
The Economics Of Y2K Millinnum Bug: A Useful Guide For Computer (System) User And Professionals
This book is concerned with the effective and efficient solution to the problem of the Millennium Bug (Y2K). this is because government organizations and other sectors of the economy have been led to believe that they need to buy new system (wares) to beat the Millennium bug. If this is done, many o..
₦ 2,125
Financial Shock (Updated Edition), (Paperback) Global Panic and Government Bailouts--How We Got Here and What Must Be Done to Fix It
"In Financial Shock, Mr. Zandi provides a concise and lucid account of the economic, political, and regulatory forces behind this binge." –The Wall Street Journal “The obvious place to start is the financial crisis, and the clearest guide to it that I’ve read is Financial Shock by Mark Zandi....It i..
₦ 8,391
Modern Econo (METRIC) Modelling For Developing Economics 2
This book is the second volume of the econometric modeling text and which is structured to be a continuation of the first volume (with emphasis on time series / crossection econometrics and macro econometric modeling). In this volume, we have concentrated on developing non-linear models, financial e..
₦ 7,437
Microeconomics A Journey Through Life's Decisions
Microeconomics; a journey through life’s decisions starts with the important building blocks of microeconomic theory studied on all intermediate microeconomics courses, this text goes further than any other. It presents microeconomic theory as a debate, questions theoretical exposition, conside..
₦ 24,009
Modern Econo (METRIC) Modelling For Developing Economics 3
Indeed econometrics has come of age and it has produced a solid body of theory and host of applications in both economics and allied sciences. Consequently, this volume III is design to fill the vacuum that existed in the previously published volume I and II. Structural break models, regime switchin..
₦ 10,625
Modern Econo (METRIC) Modelling For Developing Economics 1
Modern Econo (metric) modeling presents the applied economist with a variety of difficulties and hence this book provides assistance in the difficult task of actually constructing models, while alternative strategies are discussed with emphasis on the evaluation of models. Indeed, formal macro model..
₦ 7,437
Consumer Economics Issues and Behaviors: International Edition
2nd Edition
For undergraduate consumer economics and related consumer science courses. This book provides an up-to-date look at the consumer movement and the intricacies of consumer behavior. It addresses who buys what, how, when, and why. It also looks at the forces that impact consumer choice in an ever-chang..
₦ 33,253
The Knowledge Economics: Trends And Perspectives
The motivation behind this book can be found in the Quanterb vision statement: “whereas a corrupt nation is a poor nation and a corrupt continent is a poor continent; support the knowledge, information and communication technologies (KICTS) so as to eradicate ignorance (corruption), inequality (pove..
₦ 4,250