General management

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The Globalization of Managerial Innovation in Health Care
In 1983, the first patient classification system to be used on a national basis, the Diagnosis Relate Groups (DRGs), was adopted as part of the Prospective Payment System in the United States. This system caught the attention of health policy makers in other countries, and a number of them began to ..
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Managing to Improve Public Services
How are public service organizations governed? How can their performance be measured, managed and improved? Public services play a central role in the well-being, sustainability and growth of communities, cities and nations. Managing to Improve Public Services shows how management can be harnessed t..
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Technological Innovation
The capacity for technology businesses to grow and change with the times is linked to how they develop and market technological innovations. Despite the importance of technological changes for corporate vitality, there are documented instances of corporations failing to capitalize on technological o..
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Harmonizing Work, Family, and Personal Life
Organizations can no longer afford to assume that the ideal employee is male, full-time, and free from responsibilities outside work. As the percentage of women in the active work population rises, and the number of dual-income families grows, there is an ever greater demand for more flexible patter..
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Myths and Realities of Executive Pay
Popular perceptions of executive compensation in the United States are now part of a full-blown mythology fueled by critics who have little direct experience with the inner workings of corporations, their boards, and the executive teams who ultimately shoulder the responsibility for business success..
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The Business School and the Bottom Line
In recent decades, business schools have become important components of higher education throughout the world. Yet, surprisingly, they have received little serious attention. This book provides a sober and evidence-based assessment, charting the history and character of business schools in the light..
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Management Research Methods
Management Research Methods is a comprehensive guide to the design and conduct of research in management-related disciplines such as organisational behaviour, human resource management, industrial relations, and the general field of management. Specifically, the text begins by providing an overview ..
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Problem Solving in Organizations
This concise introduction to the methodology of Business Problem Solving (BPS) is an indispensable guide to the design and execution of practical projects in real organizational settings. The methodology is both result-oriented and theory-based, encouraging students to use the knowledge gained on th..
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The Big End of Town
Never before had a book been published which provides such a comprehensive study of Australian corporate leadership over the past 100 years. Written by a team of economic historians The Big End of Town is the first proper business history of twentieth-century Australia. This book traces the evolutio..
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Business Performance Measurement
Drawing together contributions from leading thinkers around the world, this 2007 book reviews developments in the theory and practice of performance measurement and management. Significantly updated and modified from the first edition, the book includes ten additional chapters which review performan..
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Thought Leadership Meets Business
For leading corporations, talent is perhaps the only truly sustainable competitive advantage. In light of this, leading international corporations need to be staffed by the best possible executive talent from around the world. This talent revolution places a burden on business schools to offer highl..
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Operations Management
Operations Management: An Integrated Approach provides a state-of-the-art account of the systems, processes, people and technology that determine an organisation's strategy and success. With contributions from leading experts internationally, the text takes a comprehensive, comparative, and best-pra..
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