Developmental psychology

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Change Processes in Relationships
Just as each person develops from infancy to adulthood, all interpersonal relationships have a life history that encompasses the changes in how people communicate with each other. This book is about how a relationship transforms itself from one pattern of communication to another. The authors presen..
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Developmental Contexts in Middle Childhood
During middle childhood, the period between ages 5 and 12, children gain the basic tools, skills and motivations to become productive members of their society. Failure to acquire these basic tools can lead to long-term consequences for children's future education, work and family life. In this book ..
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An Introduction to Gerontology
With the world's population getting increasingly older, there has never been a more pressing need for the study of old age and ageing. An Introduction to Gerontology provides a wide-ranging introduction to this important topic. By assuming no prior expert knowledge and avoiding jargon, this book wil..
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Handbook of Early Childhood Intervention
Eighteen new chapters have been added to this valuable Handbook, which serves as a core text for students and experienced professionals who are interested in the health and well being of young children. It serves as a comprehensive reference for graduate students, advanced trainees, service provider..
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Language Development from Two to Three
The chapters in this volume were originally separate research reports from longitudinal study of a group of four children. As a collection, the reports present a developmental story of language acquisition in the third year of life – a time of great achievement as children acquire a basic knowledge ..
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In order to understand how adults deal with children's questions about death, we must examine how children understand death, as well as the broader society's conceptions of death, the tensions between biological and supernatural views of death and theories on how children should be taught about deat..
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Imagining the Impossible
This volume is about the development of human thinking that stretches beyond the ordinary boundaries of reality. Various new research initiatives have emerged in the past decade exploring such matters as children's thinking about imaginary beings, magic and the supernatural. The purpose of this book..
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This book examines after-school programs in light of their explosive growth in recent years. In the rush to mount programs, there is a danger of promoting weak ones of little value and failing to implement strong ones adequately. But what is quality and how can it be achieved? This book presents fin..
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Negotiating Adolescence in Times of Social Change
The decline of the socialist governments in Eastern and Central Europe and the resulting political and economic reorganizations of the 1990s provided a dramatic illustration of the far-reaching effects of social change. For those interested in the health and well-being of youth, such instances of so..
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Vygotskian Perspectives on Literacy Research
The authors in this collection use Vygotsky's cultural-historical theory of human development to frame their analyses of schooling, with particular emphasis on the ways in which literacy practices are mediated by social interaction and cultural artifacts. This volume extends Vygotsky's cultural-hist..
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Social Representations and the Development of Knowledge
This book raises for the first time developmental issues in relation to the theory of social representations, which Duveen and Lloyd introduced to account for the influence of social life on psychological processes. He describes a society's values, ideas, beliefs and practices as social representati..
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Forgotten Children
'The history of childhood is an area so full of errors, distortion and misinterpretation that I thought it vital, if progress were to be made, to supply a clear review of the information on childhood contained in such sources as diaries and autobiographies.' Dr Pollock's statement in her Preface wil..
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