Experimental psychology

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Structural Modeling by Example
Structural Modeling by Example offers a comprehensive overview of the application of structural equation models in the social and behavioural sciences and in educational research. It is devoted in roughly equal proportions to substantive issues and to methodological ones. The substantive section com..
₦ 13,916
Toward a General Theory of Expertise
During the last twenty years our understanding of expertise has dramatically increased. Laboratory analysis of chess masters, experts in physics and medicine, musicians, athletics, writers, and performance artists have included careful examination of the cognitive processes mediating outstanding per..
₦ 18,062
Environmental Evaluation
How can the quality of environments be evaluated? This book describes ways of assessing the perceptions and experiences of the users so that planners, designers, and managers may take them into account. Ervin Zube first presents the problem of environmental evaluation in the context of public polici..
₦ 12,959
Blueprints for Thinking
Planning is an important human ability that guides behaviour and thereby complements instinctual fixed action patterns. How do people learn to plan? How do they develop the various skills that are implied by planfulness? This volume explores these questions as well as the concept of planning and its..
₦ 24,119