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Guide to Publishing in Psychology Journals
The Guide to Publishing in Psychology Journals is a complete guide to writing psychology articles for publication. It goes beyond the formal requirements to the tacit or unspoken knowledge that is key to writing effective articles and to gaining acceptance by quality journals. Thus, the information ..
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Theosophy or Psychological Religion
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On an everyday basis, we communicate with one another using various technological mediums, such as text messaging, social networking tools and electronic mail, in work, educational and personal settings. As a consequence of the increasing frequency of use and importance of computer-supported interac..
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The Three Cultures
In 1959 C. P. Snow delivered his now-famous Rede Lecture, 'The Two Cultures,' a reflection on the academy based on the premise that intellectual life was divided into two cultures: the arts and humanities on one side and science on the other. Since then, a third culture, generally termed 'social sci..
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The Cambridge Dictionary of Psychology
The Cambridge Dictionary of Psychology is the first and only dictionary that surveys the broad discipline of psychology from an international, cross-cultural, and interdisciplinary focus. This focus was achieved in several ways. The managing and consulting editorial boards were comprised of world-re..
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