Health and clinical psychology

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The Origins of Health and Disease
Some phenomena in medicine and psychology remain unexplained by current theory. Chronic fatigue syndrome, repetitive strain injury and irritable bowel syndrome, for example, are all diseases or syndromes that cannot be explained in terms of a physiological abnormality. In this intriguing book, Micha..
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Handbook of Bereavement
The Handbook of Bereavement constitutes a comprehensive review of scientific knowledge on the consequences of losing a loved person through death. The volume brings into focus a wide variety of theoretical approaches that have recently been incorporated into bereavement research. Physiological chang..
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Out of Options
This book tackles an area of adolescent behavior that presents a significant challenge for parents, teachers and professionals the world over. Whilst much has been written on the topic of adolescent suicide we see continued high rates throughout industrialized nations. The overlap between suicidal b..
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Feeling Hurt in Close Relationships
Feeling Hurt in Close Relationships presents a synthesis of cutting-edge research and theory on hurt. Being hurt is an inevitable part of close relationships. What varies from relationship to relationship is not whether partners hurt each other, but how their relationship is affected by hurtful epis..
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Making Minds and Madness
Why do "maladies of the soul" such as hysteria, anxiety disorders, or depression wax and wane over time? Through a study of the history of psychiatry, Mikkel Borch-Jacobsen provocatively argues that most mental illnesses are not, in fact, diseases but the product of varying expectations shared and n..
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Fearing Others
Social phobia and disruptive social anxiety are features of the lives of many thousands of people. But exactly what is social phobia? What causes it? What is its nature and what kinds of treatments can improve it? Using key concepts and methods and a substantive body of research, this book aims to a..
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Understanding Adolescent Health Behaviour
Smoking, drinking, unhealthy eating: how can we explain these actions in teenagers? Do teenagers stop to consider potential hazards or is their decision making frantic and impulsive, with little rational thought? In this intriguing book, Kanayo Umeh debunks conventional explanations of teenage behav..
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Memory In Autism
Many people with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are remarkably proficient at remembering how things look and sound, even years after an event. They are also good at rote learning and establishing habits and routines. Some even have encyclopaedic memories. However, all individuals with ASD have dif..
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Death of a Parent
When a parent dies, most adults are seized by an unexpected crisis that can trigger a profound transformation. Using in-depth interviews and national surveys, Dr Umberson explains why the death of a parent has strong effects on adults and looks at protective factors that help some individuals experi..
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A Generation at Risk
With a Foreword by Desmond Tutu, Generation at Risk brings up-to-date and insightful perspectives from experienced practitioners and researchers on how a better future can be secured for the millions of children who are being orphaned or made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS. The current situation of these ch..
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Therapy After Terror
Therapy After Terror examines the 2001 World Trade Center attack from the perspectives of New York City mental health professionals who treated the psychologically wounded following the attack. Therapists discuss the attack's effects on their patients, its personal and professional consequences for ..
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Overcoming Barriers is a CD-ROM resource for all concerned with disability. It incorporates the full text and references of eighteen recently published Cambridge books in the area of psychological and neuro-disability. Cambridge University Press is well-known in the clinical and academic communities..
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