History of psychology

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Freudian Repression
In Freudian Repression, Michael Billig presents an original reformulation of Freud's concept of repression, showing that in his theory of the unconscious he fails to examine how people actually repress shameful thoughts. Drawing on recent insights from discursive psychology, Billig suggests that in ..
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Transcendental Physics
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Cosmic Consciousness
This work, published in 1901, is the culmination of a lifetime of research and contemplation in which Richard Maurice Bucke (1837–1902) expounds his theory of the development and evolution of consciousness in living things. He uses his own experiences, those of contemporaries such as Tennyson, and o..
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Hallucinations and Illusions
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Esprits et Médiums
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Sleep and its Phenomena
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On the Phenomena of Dreams, and Other Transient Illusions
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Jung and the Making of Modern Psychology
Occultist, Scientist, Prophet, Charlatan - C. G. Jung has been called all these things and after decades of myth making, is one of the most misunderstood figures in Western intellectual history. This book is the first comprehensive study of the origins of his psychology, as well as providing a new a..
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Historical Dimensions of Psychological Discourse
In this volume, prominent American and European scholars explore the historical shaping of psychological discourse. Speaking from several disciplinary standpoints, attention is directed to the ideological, intellectual, political, economic and literary forces that enter into the cultural constructio..
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Psychology and Catholicism
In this historical study of psychology and Catholicism, Kugelmann aims to provide clarity in an area filled with emotion and opinion. From the beginnings of modern psychology to the mid 1960s, this complicated relationship between science and religion is methodically investigated. Conflicts such as ..
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Sketches of the Philosophy of Apparitions
In this book of 1825, Samuel Hibbert (1782–1848) attempts to uncover the physical or physiological causes which might account for claims of seeing ghosts and other apparitions. Hibbert trained as a doctor, and uses anecdotal and case-study evidence to show that external physical circumstances - such..
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Metaphors of Memory
What is memory? It is at the same time ephemeral, unreliable and essential to everything we do. Without memory we lose our sense of identity, reasoning, even our ability to perform simple physical tasks. Yet it is also elusive and difficult to define, and throughout the ages philosophers and psychol..
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