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Causal Models: How People Think about the World and Its Alternatives (Hardcover)
Investigates models that people to construct in order to understand cause and effect in their lives Includes perspectives from statisticians, philosophers, and computer scientists Describes a new framework for understanding causation based on probability and actionHuman beings are active agents ..
₦ 11,390
Teachers Doing Research An Introductory Guidebook
This brief text is for teachers who will carry out research and produce persuasive answers to educational questions they encounter in their classrooms. Observant teachers, from their daily experiences in the classroom, compile a wealth of educational problems to solve, topics to investigate, and iss..
₦ 16,997
Causing Actions (Paperback)
A new approach to one of the greatest issues of philosophy: the mind-body problem Controversially defends a dualist view The first book by an outstanding young philosopher Relevant and accessible to philosophers of language and science, as well as mind and metaphysicsThoughts often cause deeds..
₦ 14,450
Research Methods Using Processes & Procedures of Science to Understand Behavior
For courses in Research Methods. This thorough and up-to-date text presents the concepts and procedures in conducting research—in a way that enables students to easily understand, integrate, and apply them—and incorporates the use of technology. A “how to” perspective features descriptions and clear..
₦ 40,584
Central Regulation of Autonomic Functions (Hardcover)
The follow-up to the classic first edition published 20 years ago One of the only books explaining the whole story of how the brain controls basic bodily functions Edited by two well-known experts and researchers in the fieldCentral autonomic circuits in the brain and spinal cord are essential t..
₦ 24,650
Psychology The Essence of a Science
Psychology: The Essence of a Science is a concise, scientific-based textbook that includes essential, fundamental information along with a built-in study guide to encourage student mastery of the concepts. This easy to read, easy to learn from textbook includes basic principles, theories, and people..
₦ 29,109
Child Development: Perspectives in Developmental Psychology (Hardcover)
Comprehensive coverage. Coverage of cognitive topics is combined with detailed 'Social Contexts for Development', 'Language Development', 'Sex and Gender', and 'Moral and Prosocial Development' chapters. These chapters include discussion of families, peers, intelligence, schooling, language, gender,..
₦ 29,750
Diagnosis and Treatment of Substance-Related Disorders The DECLARE Model
This eloquently simple text provides a “cutting edge” philosophy for those dealing with the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and aftercare of individuals suffering from issues with chemical dependency. Diagnosis and Treatment of Substance Abuse follows the D.E.C.L.A.R.E model of treatment—a model in..
₦ 16,359
₦ 12,410
Children at Play: Clinical and Developmental Approaches to Meaning and Representation (Paperback)
As they play, children do more than imagine--they also invent life-long approaches to thinking, feeling, and relating to other people. For nearly a century, clinical psychologists have been concerned with the content and interpersonal meaning of play. More recently, developmental psychologists have ..
₦ 9,007
Choice and Change The Psychology of Personal Growth and Interpersonal Relationships
7th Edition
For undergraduate courses in Adjustment/Personal Growth, Human Relations, General Psychology, Service Learning Courses and Interpersonal Communication. Written in a warm and humanistic style—with an abundance of examples—this solid, comprehensive introduction to the essentials of psychology offers a..
₦ 37,397
Children of Methamphetamine-Involved Families: The Case of Rural Illinois (Hardcover)
Selling point: - methamphetamine abuse is an urgent social problem that affects communities across the U.S. Selling point: - describes the first research program to focus on psychological functioning of children in meth-involved families Selling point: - provides evocative in-depth descriptions ..
₦ 11,900