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This text is designed to be used as a supplementary text for any course in which the instructor wants to explore the history of the concept of race in America, the reasons why the concept has no biological validity, and how "race" grew to become accepted as something that virtually everyone regards ..
₦ 14,450
2030: Technology That Will Change the World (Hardcover)
World-renowned experts reveal how imminent developments in technology will improve the way we liveImagine living in 1958, and knowing that the integrated circuit--the microchip--was about to be invented, and would revolutionize the world. Or imagine 1992, when the Internet was about to transform vir..
₦ 10,027
This book examines the conflict between Louis D. Brandeis and Chaim Weizmann, two dominant personalities, each credited by devoted followers as the hero of a crucial era in recent Jewish history. The author considers how each man confronted the problem of his Jewish identity and the extent to which ..
₦ 18,530
A Dictionary of Superstitions (Oxford Paperback Reference) (Paperback)
Covers hundreds of fascinating folk beliefs and customs that have survived to the present day Entries give real examples of usage, illustrating the meaning, history and origin of superstitions Subjects covered include spells, cures, rituals, taboos, charms, and omens Fully cross-referenced for..
₦ 7,647
A Failure of Treatment (Oxford Studies in Social and Cultural Anthropology) (Paperback)
* A strikingly new account of local healing methods * A fascinating story, told in an accessible style * Shows how cultural beliefs and assumptions may influence events * Likely to become a classicA serious illness may bring other events into focus. This book is about the circumstances surroun..
₦ 19,890
A Guide to Evidence-Based Group Work (Paperback)
Selling point: The first volume specifically aimed at helping group workers implement evidence-based practices into their work Selling point: Structured around established guidelines of evidence-based practice, using a logical, easy-to-follow four stage processThis is the first textbook that illus..
₦ 10,367
Americans today live with conflicting ideas about day care. We criticize mothers who choose not to stay at home, but we pressure women on welfare to leave their children behind. We recognize the benefits of early childhood education, but do not provide it as a public right until children enter kinde..
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The two volumes, the award-winning A Punjabi Village in Pakistan and The Economic Life of a Punjabi Village are based on extensive fieldwork in Pakistan and contain relevant insights into Pakistani society, particularly women, still pertinent today, as well as a more holistic and humanistic view of ..
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This collection of essays (1891) is an unparalleled statement of black feminist thought in the nineteenth century, and is considered to be one of the original texts of the black feminist movement. Cooper came of age in a period of conservatism in the black community, a time when Afro-American intell..
₦ 19,210
Joy Dryfoos's book looks at young people aged 10 to 17 growing up in the United States today. Most of these children have a high probability of maturing into responsible adults; however, a certain group - one in four - have only limited potential for becoming productive adults, because they are at h..
₦ 14,790
Tragically, increased longevity in developing countries has recently coincided with massive migrations and a series of disasters which have had serious repercussions for many old people and their families. This is the first in-depth study of the phenomenon, and it proposes a new approach. Ken Tout d..
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