Regional geography

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The Agricultural Systems of the World
Describes the present characteristics and traces the evolution of the 12 major types of agricultural systems in the world...
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Brazil is a country of immense diversity. It continental dimensions contain the most important industrial complex of the South as well as the largest rainforest reserve in the world, the Amazon. The 1970s witnessed a period of immense economic growth in Brazil, yet more than half the population live..
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The Caribbean in the Wider World, 1492–1992
On the eve of the quincentenary of Christopher Columbus's epic voyage, this major new textbook survey explains how the region's present geography is intimately tied to the past. The Caribbean was Europe's first colony, its landscapes transformed to produce tropical staples and its decimated aborigin..
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South East Asia in the World-Economy
South East Asia has for many centuries occupied a pivotal position in the wider Asian economy, linking China and the Far East with India and the Middle East, and since the early 1500s the region has also played a major role in the world-economy. South East Asia in the World-economy is a textbook sur..
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Environmental Management in the Soviet Union
Environmental problems and their management were one of the main areas of concern for the Soviet government in the late 1980s, just before its dissolution. In this original study, first published in 1991, barely preceding the Soviet Union's collapse, Professor Philip Pryde examines the pervasive nat..
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The United States in the World-Economy
First published in 1987, The United States in the World-Economy is a major textbook survey of the rise of the United States within the world-economy and the causes of its relative decline. With the USA being the dominant state in the contemporary world-economy, it is vital to understand how it got t..
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The Struggle for Land
Widespread violence, legal chicanery and ruthless profiteering have come to characterise the expansion of the agricultural frontier in Brazil. With the advance of this frontier, the pioneering peasants, on the one hand, and large landowners and large economic enterprise, on the other, have become lo..
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Shanghai is Asia's largest city and for over a hundred years has played a critical role both in China's internal political arid economic affairs, and in the history of international relations in the Far East. Before 1949, Shanghai was the principal point of western and, later, Japanese penetrations ..
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A Political Geography of Africa
First published in 1978, this book is intended as an introductory study to the political geography of Africa. It seeks in particular to underline and analyse the salient political and socio-economic problems and issues which have faced Africa and its various regions and states in their search for po..
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The Soviet Environment
This book, originally published in 1992, describes the Soviet environment at its crisis point in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Beolorussia and the Ukraine had, as a result of the Chernobyl accident, been declared ecological disaster zones and across the country as a whole as many as 20 per cent of..
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Colonial Technology
Australia has always imported overseas technology, largely out of necessity, but has this been exploitative, fostering a relationship of dependence, or used to Australia's advantage? Jan Todd explores this question in the context of nineteenth-century science. In her important study, Todd argues tha..
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