Human geography

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Lost Words and Lost Worlds
The last quarter of the nineteenth century was the most dramatic era in the social and spatial transformation of Stockholm. During this time large-scale manufacturing industry rose and eclipsed small-scale artisan sectors of production; the city's population virtually doubled and there was a rapid e..
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The City as Text
In this book James Duncan convincingly argues that landscapes are not only culturally produced, but that they also influence governing ideas of political and religious life. He analyzes this dialectic relationship between landscape and the pursuit of power in the royal capital of Kandy in the centra..
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Empiricism and Geographical Thought
The age of Francis Bacon marked the beginning of a long period when empirical science was seen as the key to progress in extending man's control over nature. Recently, however, a breakdown of confidence in the outcome of worldwide industrialism and a growing concern over threats to the earth's ecosy..
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Housing, the State and the Poor
Originally published in 1985, this book is concerned with the housing and service needs of the poor in Latin America and how they are articulated and satisfied. It examines the aims and implementation of government policies towards low-income housing dwellers and tries to relate those policies to th..
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Adapting to Drought
This book embodies the results of thirteen years of research in drought-prone rural areas in the semi-arid zone of northern Nigeria. It describes the patterns of adaptive behaviour observed among Hausa, Ful'be and Manga communities in response to recurrent drought in the 1970s and 1980s. The questio..
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Crime, Space and Society
This 1986 book offered the first detailed analysis of relationships between crime and social trends in Britain. It is innovative in focusing on the victims of crime, fear and anxiety, as well as on individual and institutional reactions to crime - an emphasis that complements the more usual focus of..
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Geography Matters!
Space and nature have long been the concerns of human geography, bound up with a strong sense of the importance of place. Understanding how society changes entails understanding the geography of social change. In this new reader, the editors argue for a new way of looking at the relationship between..
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Land, Custom and Practice in the South Pacific
Land tenure arrangements are intimately linked with the organization of society, the economy, political structures and geography. In the South Pacific Islands the majority of land is held by community groups under 'customary' or 'traditional' forms of tenure. This book argues that land formerly held..
₦ 16,469
Islands, Islanders and the World
Fiji is a country whose recent political instability can be directly traced to its distinctive colonial and post-colonial experience. For one particular region of Fiji the authors examine the environmental, social and economic aspects of this experience, at scales ranging from national and regional ..
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Roots in the African Dust
The image of Africa in the modern world has come to be shaped by perceptions of the drylands and their problems of poverty, drought, degradation, and famine. Michael Mortimore offers an alternative and revisionist thesis, dismissing on theoretical and empirical grounds the conventional view of runaw..
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Population Growth and Agrarian Change
Since the 1950s much attention has been paid to the effect of rapid population growth on the rural societies of the Third World. Yet it is often forgotten that Europe faced similar problems in the past. This book, first published in 1980, suggests some ways of looking at the interrelationships betwe..
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Understanding Green Revolutions
Peasant societies in the Third World have undergone changes that are often regarded as sweeping and unparalleled; rapid population growth, progressive integration into the market economy and a Green Revolution in agricultural technology. This book is a critical examination of the truth behind these ..
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