Planning and urban geography

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Property Companies and the Construction Industry in Britain
This book was the first detailed and systematic account of the property and construction sectors of the British economy. Developing out of a materialist theoretical perspective, Dr Smyth provides an alternative explanation of the different characteristics of the two sectors and rejects traditional n..
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Landlords and Property
The issue of private landlordism in Britain touches a raw political nerve. There is no shortage of prescription as to what should be done with the rented housing market and private landlords. Yet surprisingly little is known about the structure and diversity of private landlordism and the variety of..
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Water Management in England and Wales
In 1978, when this book was first published, the provision of water services was a fundamental environmental issue. In England and Wales, organizations were created to protect and enhance the nation's water resources. This book considers the problems involved in achieving those objectives and attemp..
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Population and Metropolis
This is a book about the population of London during the early modern period and a detailed book about the population of a European metropolitan city at that time. Much is now known about the historical demography of rural England, but very little is understood about the larger towns and cities. Rog..
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Industrial Organisation and Location
This book attempts to advance locational explanation in industrial geography by more fully exploring relationships between organizations and the environments within which they operate. The volume is in two parts, the first developing a theoretical framework and the second testing this framework with..
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Economics in Urban Conservation
The role of economics in urban conservation is relatively underdeveloped. Professor Lichfield has added to his other pioneering studies in this innovative and important exposition of approach, method and techniques for the systematic application of economics in the conservation of urban areas. In or..
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Land Use Planning and the Mediation of Urban Change
This book, originally published in 1988, provides an account of an analysis of British planning in practice, as observed through empirical research including a range of case studies. It shows how the procedures of the system have been used in the political processes through which policies come to be..
₦ 12,959
Planning Australia
This book is the first comprehensive Australian planning text to be written in over 30 years. It incorporates both theory and current practice, providing an overview of the discipline. It provides a comprehensive view of the major issues and principal activities which occupy planning practitioners t..
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Reisen in Britisch-Guiana in den Jahren 1840–1844
Richard Schomburgk (1811–1891) accompanied his brother Robert Hermann Schomburgk on his mission to survey the boundary of British Guiana (his account is also reissued in this series). Richard was commissioned by the Prussian government to find new flora, fauna and ethnographical specimens for the Be..
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A History of European Housing in Australia
This collection of essays was the first systematic attempt to explain the social, administrative, technical and cultural history of 'European' housing in Australia. Written by a collaborative team of scholars from a wide range of disciplines, it explains how Australian housing has evolved from the i..
₦ 12,003
Small Firms in Regional Economic Development
Major changes have taken place in the attitude of governments towards small firms. Public encouragement of the small firm is not, however, without its pitfalls and in this collection of essays (first published in 1985) the contribution of small businesses to economic development is assessed in a num..
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Towns, Plans and Society in Modern Britain
In this concise survey, Helen Meller aims to explore the interaction of the social and physical environment of cities. All modern societies have experienced mass urbanisation, and have been subject to the economic, social and technological forces which have produced this urbanisation. Yet all towns ..
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