Social and cultural anthropology

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Cultures under Siege
Collective violence changes the perpetrators, the victims, and the societies in which it occurs. It targets the body, the psyche, and the socio-cultural order. How do people come to terms with these tragic events, and how are cultures affected by massive outbreaks of violence? This book is a groundb..
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Abandoned Children
The situation of children abandoned by adults, in foundling homes, sleeping rough in the streets, in refugee camps, and in other circumstances, attracts much political and journalistic attention, but surprisingly little from social scientists. As the editors of this volume point out, there is theref..
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Living and Working with the New Medical Technologies
This stimulating collection of essays is the product of face-to-face dialogues among anthropologists, sociologists, and philosopher-historians, all of whom focus their attention on the newly created biomedical technologies and their application in practice. Drawing on ethnographic and historical cas..
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Marriage Among a Matrilineal Elite
A study of conjugal and kin relationships in a group of urban, educated West Africans, Akan Senior Civil Servants in Accra. As well as representing a contribution to the growing body of data on marriage and family life in West Africa, the book is an exercise in methodology in which the aim has been ..
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A World of Babies
Are babies divine, or do they have the devil in them? Should parents talk to their infants, or is it a waste of time? Answers to questions about the nature and nurture of infants appear in this book as advice to parents in seven world societies. Imagine what Dr Spock might have written if he were a ..
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Secularism, Gender and the State in the Middle East
A considerable literature has been devoted to the study of Islamic activism. By contrast, Nadje Al-Ali's book explores the anthropological and political significance of secular-oriented activism by focusing on the women's movement in Egypt. In so doing, it challenges stereotypical images of Arab wom..
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The Veddas
Dr C. G. Seligmann (1873–1940) was a renowned anthropologist who was President of the Royal Anthropological Institute between 1923 and 1925. After joining the Cambridge Anthropological Expedition to the Torres Strait in Melanesia in 1898, he changed his career from medicine to anthropology and began..
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Mixed Method Data Collection Strategies
Social scientists have long relied on a wide range of tools to collect information about the social world, but as individual fields have become more specialised, researchers are trained to use a narrow range of the possible data collection methods. This book draws on a broad range of available socia..
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Succession in the Muslim Family
Muslim law and rules for dealing with the distribution of a dead person's property differ greatly from western law. The system of Muslim law, the SharVa, is derived from the Qur'an and the words of the Prophet himself, and is therefore believed to be of divine inspiration, and not man-made. A variet..
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Museums, Anthropology and Imperial Exchange
Amiria Henare explores the role of material cultural research in anthropology and related disciplines from the late eighteenth century to the present. Grounded in a historical ethnography of museums in New Zealand and Scotland, the work traces the movement of artefacts now held in contemporary colle..
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The House that Giacomo Built
The House that Giacomo Built is the engaging story of the struggle, perseverance and success of an Italian working-class family to achieve its goal of stability and family unity. It begins with the unremittingly impoverished lives of Giulia and Giovanni Tassoni. We later follow the fortunes of Maria..
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Big Men and Great Men
The societies of Melanesia have been a constant stimulus to anthropological theory. In this collection of essays, anthropologists who have worked in all parts of the Melanesian region of the Pacific bring their expertise to bear on a single theoretical issue. This is a hypothesis formulated by Mauri..
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