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Islam in Post-Soviet Uzbekistan
In recent years, the Uzbekistan government has been criticized for its brutal suppression of its Muslim population. This book, which is based on the author's intimate acquaintance with the region and several years of ethnographic research, is about how Muslims in this part of the world negotiate the..
₦ 22,844
Originally published in 1928, as part of a series of short studies on South African tribes by the School of African Life and Languages at the University of Cape Town, this book analyses the Naron, a Bushmen tribe of the Central Kalahari. Both concise and highly informative, the text contains informa..
₦ 11,684
Acting in Anaesthesia
In recent years, evidence-based medicine (EBM), clinical governance and professional accountability have become increasingly significant in shaping the organisation and delivery of healthcare. However, these notions all build upon and exemplify the idea of human-centred, individual action. In this b..
₦ 20,613
Market and Society
Karl Polanyi's 1944 book, The Great Transformation, offered a radical critique of how the market system has affected society and humanity since the industrial revolution. This volume brings together contributions from distinguished scholars in economic anthropology, sociology and political economy t..
₦ 25,713
Animal to Edible
Why do we find it necessary to slaughter living animals in order to enjoy their flesh? And why does this act offend our sensibilities, without necessarily making us into vegetarians? We no longer tolerate sacrifices, public butchering during festivals, butchers operating openly in the middle of our ..
₦ 10,409
Old Age
Haim Hazan is a leading specialist on old age in anthropology, and has published several books on particular communities of old people. The latest book is an essay on the realities of old age, as it is experienced, as opposed to the ideas about the old current in western societies. It argues that th..
₦ 11,366
Haddon The Head Hunter
Alfred Cort Haddon (1855–1940) was an influential British anthropologist who played a key role in developing a more structured approach to his field of study. Additionally, he was instrumental in the creation of a School of Anthropology at Cambridge University, and in raising the status of a discipl..
₦ 8,178
Sorrow and Joy among Muslim Women
The Pukhtuns are numerically and politically one of the most significant ethno-linguistic groups in Pakistan and Afghanistan. This important study of Pukhtun society concentrates on the lives, thoughts and gham-khadi (funerals-weddings) ceremonies of the women, especially of the elite, wealthy and e..
₦ 14,553
The Anthropology of Texts, Persons and Publics
What can texts - both written and oral - tell us about the societies that produce them? How are texts constituted in different cultures, and how do they shape societies and individuals? How can we understand the people who compose them? Drawing on examples from Africa and other countries, this origi..
₦ 11,366
Levi-Strauss, Anthropology, and Aesthetics
This wide-ranging and original study of Claude Lévi-Strauss's aesthetic thought demonstrates not only its centrality within his overall oeuvre but also the importance of Levi-Strauss for contemporary aesthetic enquiry. Lévi-Strauss, Anthropology and Aesthetics combines the different perspectives of ..
₦ 17,741
Rethinking Religion
This book is an ambitious attempt to develop a cognitive approach to religion. Focusing particularly on ritual action, it borrows analytical methods from linguistics and other cognitive sciences. The authors, a philosopher of science and a scholar of comparative religion, provide a lucid critical re..
₦ 13,597
Cultural Mobility
Cultural Mobility is a blueprint and a model for understanding the patterns of meaning that human societies create. Drawn from a wide range of disciplines, the essays collected here under the distinguished editorial guidance of Stephen Greenblatt share the conviction that cultures, even traditional ..
₦ 10,409