Biological anthropology

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Biocultural Approaches to the Emotions
Are emotions innate or learned? Are they the same everywhere, or culturally variable? Research on the emotions tends to be polarised between neo-Darwinian and culturalist perspectives. In this volume, biological and cultural anthropologists attempt to transcend the traditional oppositions, proposing..
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The second volume compiles the results of an ethnographical research expedition in the Torres Strait, New Guinea, and Borneo. It examine the physiological and psychological aspects of vision, hearing, smell, taste, cutaneous sensations, muscular sense, blood pressure, and reaction times among the in..
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Anthropology and the New Genetics
The growth of 'new genetics' has dramatically increased our understanding of health, diseases and the body. Anthropologists argue that these scientific advances have had far-reaching social and cultural implications, radically changing our self-understanding and perception of what it means to be hum..
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Social scientists, when making their studies of the structure of family groups, have often observed the current situation of a particular group of families and drawn conclusions from that static picture. Valuable as many of these conclusions may be, they are incomplete because they overlook the impo..
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