E-commerce law

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Internet Co-Regulation
₦ 29,219
Internet Jurisdiction and Choice of Law
The adoption of electronic commercial transactions has facilitated cross-border trade and business, but the complexity of determining the place of business and other connecting factors in cyberspace has challenged existing private international law. This comparison of the rules of internet jurisdict..
₦ 26,031
The Law of Electronic Commerce
Written specifically for legal practitioners and students, this book examines the concerns, laws and regulations involved in Electronic Commerce. In just a few years, commerce via the World Wide Web and other online platforms has boomed, and a new field of legal theory and practice has emerged. Legi..
₦ 15,513
Law and Internet Cultures
This book raises the profile of socio-political questions about the global technology and information market. It is a close study of communication flows, networks, nodes, biopolitics and the fragmentations of power. It brings to life the role played by personalities, corporate interactions, industry..
₦ 12,003
Enhanced Dispute Resolution Through the Use of Information Technology
Alternative dispute resolution has now supplanted litigation as the principal method of dispute resolution. This overview of dispute resolution addresses practical developments in areas such as family law, plea bargaining, industrial relations and torts. The authors elaborate on the necessary legal ..
₦ 26,031
Cross-border Internet Dispute Resolution
The internet has the potential to increase the number of cross-border disputes between a wide range of different users. For many internet disputes, the use of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) becomes critical. ODR uses information technology (such as expert systems) and internet communication applica..
₦ 25,713
Jurisdiction and the Internet
Which state has and should have the right and power to regulate sites and online events? Who can apply their defamation or contract law, obscenity standards, gambling or banking regulation, pharmaceutical licensing requirements or hate speech prohibitions to any particular Internet activity? Traditi..
₦ 17,425