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A Dictionary of Law Enforcement (Oxford Paperback Reference) (Paperback)
The only available dictionary focusing on UK law enforcement terms Over 3,400 entries cover law, pathology, forensic medicine, accountancy, insurance, shipping, commerce and trade, criminology and psychology Targets the terms used on criminology, criminal justice, and police studies courses Co..
₦ 7,987
How should we define the role of secret agencies in a democratic society? Can a balance be struck between civil liberties and national security? These are questions addressed in Loch Johnson's book, an overview of the CIA and its activities in American affairs, both domestic and foreign. Reader..
₦ 10,367
The South African Police is one of the world's most controversial police forces. In this, the first detailed study of the origins and development of policing in South Africa, John Brewer places current allegations of police misconduct in their historical context.Long after similar forces elsewhere i..
₦ 31,110
Blackstone's Handbook for the Special Constabulary (Paperback)
The only dedicated, up-to-date publication aimed at Specials Structured around those areas of policing identified in the National Strategy for the Special Constabulary 2008 Includes coverage of police powers, criminal law, crime scene management, and neighbourhood policing Pocket-sized and por..
₦ 12,747
Child Victims explores the range and extent of crimes committed against children and assesses their impact. The testimony of over two hundred children gives voice, for the first time, to their experiences, their views, and their needs.It examines how children attain the status of `victims' in the cr..
₦ 14,957
Community policing seems always in vogue, yet its essential qualities remain elusive. There has been a rush to evaluate community policing before commentators have got to grips with what community police officers do which is distinctive. This book demonstrates, in detail, how community police office..
₦ 24,650
Police departments across the USA are busily "reinventing" themselves, adopting a new style known as "community policing". Police departments that succeed in adopting this new stance have an entirely different relationship to the public that they serve. Chicago made the transition, and this book exa..
₦ 16,150
Police departments across the country are busily "reinventing" themselves, adopting a new style known as "community policing". This approach to policing involves organizational decentralization, new channels of communication with the public, a commitment to responding to what the community thinks th..
₦ 9,347
Constructing Victims' Rights: The Home Office, New Labour, and Victims (Clarendon Studies in Criminology) (Hardcover)
Analyses the progressive redefinition of victims of crime at the turn of the 21st Century Provides new perspective on the politics of the Macpherson enquiry and the Human Rights Act Unique insider-view of policy-making under New LabourDespite plentiful discussion at various times, the personal v..
₦ 31,790
The Contradictions of American Capital Punishment (Paperback)
Why does the United States continue to employ the death penalty when fifty other developed democracies have abolished it? Why does capital punishment become more problematic each year? How can the death penalty conflict be resolved? In Contradictions in American Capital Punishment, Frank Zimring rev..
₦ 9,687
Courting Violence: Offences against the Person (Clarendon Studies in Criminology) (Hardcover)
Contains original empirical research using fieldwork methods, and extracts from real trials Offers insights into the victims', witnesses', and defendants' views of criminal trials Identifies problems in the presentation of testimony and evidence, and how these can be addressed by technological a..
₦ 26,350
Covert Investigation (Blackstone's Practical Policing) (Paperback)
Provides a practical introduction to covert policing law and the issues involved Includes updates to the RIPA 2000 Codes of Practice and all other relevant legislation, allowing easy access to key source material Chapters arranged thematically by investigative technique Includes updated discus..
₦ 15,127