Contract law

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The Law and Ethics of Restitution
Dagan's book provides a dynamic and much needed account of the American law of restitution. The book reviews the existing doctrine, including the forthcoming (third) Restatement, using an ethical perspective to expose and examine critically the normative underpinnings of the core categories of resti..
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Principle and Policy in Contract Law
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Unjustified Enrichment
Unjustified enrichment has been one of the most intellectually vital areas of private law. There is, however, still no unanimity among civil-law and common-law legal systems about how to structure this important branch of the law of obligations. Several key issues are considered comparatively in thi..
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Promises and Contract Law
Promises and Contract Law is the first modern work to explore the significance of promise to contract law from a comparative legal perspective. Part I explores the component elements of promise, its role in Greek thought and Roman law, the importance of the moral duty to keep promises and the develo..
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Fault in American Contract Law
Representing an unprecedented joint effort from top scholars in the field, this volume collects original contributions to examine the fundamental role of 'fault' in contract law. Is it immoral to breach a contract? Should a breaching party be punished more harshly for willful breach? Does it matter ..
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Restitutionary Rights to Share in Damages
Rights and obligations can arise, amongst other things, in tort or in unjust enrichment. Simone Degeling deals with the phenomenon whereby a stranger to litigation is entitled to participate in the fruits of that litigation. Two prominent examples of this phenomenon are the carer, entitled to share ..
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The Law of Contract
Previous editions of this text have consistently been a favourite amongst common law lawyers. This new edition has been brought fully up-to-date and will be of interest to those studying 'advanced' obligations/common law modules. Undergraduates who study contract courses with a strong socio-legal tr..
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Remedies in Contract and Tort
Remedies is the subject of increasing academic interest. It is one of the key organising concepts of the obligations approach to the common law, the pre-eminent approach in law schools, now officially sanctioned by the Law Society. This second edition modernizes the first edition quite considerably...
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Unjust Enrichment
This book is a sophisticated comparative analysis of the doctrine of unjust enrichment in the North American and Jewish legal systems, and in international law. By offering an explanatory theory which brings to light the normative underpinnings of the doctrine, it facilitates the prediction of legal..
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Contract Law
This textbook takes a fresh approach to contract law; as a first edition it reflects the subject in the 21st century more accurately than other texts. Comprehensive and scholarly, it maps the curriculum perfectly but detailed references and further reading sections encourage students to explore the ..
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