Competition law

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The Internationalisation of Antitrust Policy
The internationalisation of antitrust policy is a topic of great contemporary significance and debate. Dr Dabbah provides an inquiry that is at once clearly stated, original and empirical, setting out the relevant issues in the context of law, economics and politics. He draws on the decisional pract..
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The International Dimension of EU Competition Law and Policy
Modern competition law was first employed by countries over one hundred years ago in order to address issues relating to restrictions of trade at the national level. Recent international economic integration has weakened the distinction between the domestic and the international in several fields of..
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Antitrust Law amidst Financial Crises
The ultimate goal of competition law is to promote competition and, in most jurisdictions, to enhance consumer welfare. Competition policy may be set aside due to special and exceptional circumstances, such as a financial crisis that threatens the stability of an economy. It is therefore important t..
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Internet Banking and the Law in Europe
The European Union has long sought to create a single financial area across Europe where consumers in one country benefit from financial markets and activities in other countries. With the emergence of the Internet as a platform for the provision of online banking services, the creation of a pan-Eur..
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Conceptual Foundations of Antitrust
This is a philosophical study of concepts that lie at the foundation of antitrust - a body of law and policy designed to promote or protect economic competition. Topics covered are: the nature of competition; the relation between competition and welfare; the distinction between per se rules and rule..
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A Principled Approach to Abuse of Dominance in European Competition Law
Three questions surround the interpretation and application of Article 82 of the EC Treaty. What is its underlying purpose? Is it necessary to demonstrate actual or likely anticompetitive effects on the market place when applying Article 82? And how can dominant undertakings defend themselves agains..
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Competition Policy and Law in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan
This book provides a comprehensive guide to the competition regimes of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Chinese developments are placed in the context of the adoption of competition regimes by developing and transitional states worldwide and also in relation to the influence of trans-national organisati..
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Anti-Cartel Enforcement Worldwide 3 Volume Set
This comprehensive multi-contributor collection includes details about every jurisdiction where a mechanism for anti-cartel regulation has been introduced. A concise account of each jurisdiction is provided, presented in a practical and clear manner with the aid of flowcharts, diagrams and tables. A..
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Merger Control Worldwide
Merger Control Worldwide is a comprehensive, multi-contributor collection which sets out the details of every jurisdiction where a mechanism for merger control is in place. A concise, practical account is given of the relevant law in each jurisdiction, presented with the aid of flowcharts and diagra..
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Competition Law and Policy in the Middle East
Written by a leading authority on the topic, Competition Law and Policy in the Middle East examines and critically analyses the development and role of competition law and policy in one of the most interesting regions of the world. This is the first book of its kind - to date this topic has not rece..
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Merger Control Worldwide 2 Volume Hardback Set and Paperback Supplement to the First Volume
Within the field of competition law, merger control has emerged as a growing area of law over the last decade. Merger operations can impact on a number of jurisdictions, and regulatory notification and approval may need to be sought in more than one of these. This comprehensive, multi-contributor co..
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EC and UK Competition Law
EC and UK Competition Law: Commentary, Cases and Materials offers a clear, concise and comprehensive account of the competition rules of the EC and the UK. EC Competition rules are an important source of consultation, increasingly serving as a model followed by many countries when adopting or develo..
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