Public international law

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International Legal Argument in the Permanent Court of International Justice
The International Court of Justice at The Hague is the principal judicial organ of the UN, and the successor of the Permanent Court of International Justice (1923–1946), which was the first real permanent court of justice at the international level. This 2005 book analyses the groundbreaking contrib..
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The Limits of Transnational Law
State authority and power have become diffused in an increasingly globalised world characterised by the freer trans-border movement of people, objects and ideas. As a result, some international law scholars believe that a new world order is emerging based on a complex web of transnational networks. ..
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The Statehood of Palestine
Palestine as a territorial entity has experienced a curious history. Until World War I, Palestine was part of the sprawling Ottoman Empire. After the war, Palestine came under the administration of Great Britain by an arrangement with the League of Nations. In 1948 Israel established itself in part ..
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Sanctions, Accountability and Governance in a Globalised World
This book is the first in a series examining how public law and international law intersect in five thematic areas of global significance: sanctions, global health, environment, movement of people and security. Until recently, international and public law have mainly overlapped in discussions on how..
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Making Sense of War
Making Sense of War provides a comprehensive and clear analysis of the complex business of waging war. It gives readers a thorough understanding of the key concepts in strategic thought, concepts that have endured since the Athenian general Thucydides and the Chinese philosopher/warrior Sun Tzu firs..
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General Principles of Law as Applied by International Courts and Tribunals
The municipal codes of well over a dozen countries expressly provide for the application of the general principles of law in the absence of specific legal provisions or of custom, and the Statute of the International Court of Justice stipulates that 'the general principles of law recognised by civil..
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The Protection of Cultural Property in Armed Conflict
This 2006 book charts in detail the evolution of the international rules on the protection of historic and artistic sites and objects from destruction and plunder in war, and analyses in depth their many often-overlapping provisions...
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The Participation of States in International Organisations
The admission of a state to membership is an important decision for an international organisation. In making this determination, organisations are increasingly promoting the observance of human rights and democratic governance as relevant principles. They have also applied the same criteria in resol..
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The Sword and the Scales
The Sword and the Scales is the first in-depth and comprehensive study of attitudes and behaviors of the United States toward major international courts and tribunals, including the International Courts of Justice, WTO, and NAFTA dispute settlement systems; the Inter-American Court of Human Rights; ..
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Human Rights and Europe
Originally published in 1973 and now completely updated and expanded, this textbook provides a detailed introduction to the machinery set up within the Council of Europe for the protection of the rights of the individual and discusses the cases brought before it. The book considers the impact which ..
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International Law and its Others
International law is appealed to as offering a means of constraining power and as representing universal values. Here, scholars draw on jurisprudence, philosophy, legal history and political theory to analyse this turn towards international law...
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International Law in Antiquity
This study of the origins of international law combines techniques of intellectual history and historiography to investigate the earliest developments of the law of nations. The book examines the sources, processes and doctrines of international legal obligation in antiquity to re-evaluate the criti..
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