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Race, Reform, and Regulation of the Electoral Process
This book offers a critical re-evaluation of three fundamental and interlocking themes in American democracy: the relationship between race and politics, the performance and reform of election systems, and the role of courts in regulating the political process. This edited volume features contributi..
₦ 24,437
Judicial Review in an Age of Moral Pluralism
Americans cannot live with judicial review, but they cannot live without it. There is something characteristically American about turning the most divisive political questions - like freedom of religion, same-sex marriage, affirmative action, and abortion - into legal questions with the hope that co..
₦ 25,394
Fundamentalism in American Religion and Law
Why, from Reagan to George Bush, have fundamentalists in religion and in law (originalists) exercised such political power and influence in the United States? Why has the Republican Party forged an ideology of judicial appointments (originalism) hostile to abortion and gay rights? Why and how did Ba..
₦ 22,844
The Negotiable Constitution
In matters of rights, constitutions tend to avoid settling controversies. With few exceptions, rights are formulated in open-ended language, seeking consensus on an abstraction without purporting to resolve the many moral-political questions implicated by rights. The resulting view has been that rig..
₦ 22,844
On Philosophy in American Law
In recent years there has been tremendous growth of interest in the connections between law and philosophy, but the diversity of approaches that claim to be working at the intersection of philosophy and law might suggest that this area of inquiry is so fractured as to be incoherent. This volume gath..
₦ 20,613
International Law on the Left
Against expectations that the turn away from state socialism would likewise initiate a turn away from Marxist thought, recent years have seen a resurgence of interest in Marxism and its reassessment by a new generation of theorists. This book pursues that interest with specific reference to internat..
₦ 13,278
Custom as a Source of Law
A central puzzle in jurisprudence has been the role of custom in law. Custom is simply the practices and usages of distinctive communities. But are such customs legally binding? Can custom be law, even before it is recognized by authoritative legislation or precedent? And, assuming that custom is a ..
₦ 11,684
Form and Function in a Legal System
This book addresses three major questions about law and legal systems: (1) What are the defining and organising forms of legal institutions, legal rules, interpretative methodologies, and other legal phenomena? (2) How does frontal and systematic focus on these forms advance understanding of such ph..
₦ 14,872
Emergencies and the Limits of Legality
Most modern states turn swiftly to law in an emergency. The global response to the 11 September 2001 attacks on the United States was no exception, and the wave of legislative responses is well-documented. Yet there is an ever-present danger, borne out by historical and contemporary events, that eve..
₦ 24,119
Transnational Legal Processes
This work comprises 24 linked essays by leading transatlantic scholars in international law and the social sciences examining the sociolegal aspects of multi-jurisdictional legal techniques and trans-jurisdictional social phenomena. The contributors bring a range of disciplinary expertises including..
₦ 20,294
Law's Limits
What law is can be determined by the character of the institutions that make, interpret and enforce law. The interaction of these institutions moulds the supply of, and demand for, law. Focusing on this interaction in the context of US property rights law and the debates about private property and t..
₦ 12,003
Jurisprudence is about the nature of law and justice. It embraces studies and theories from a range of disciplines such as history, sociology, political science, philosophy, psychology and even economics. Why do people obey the law? How does law serve society? What is law's relation to morality? Wha..
₦ 15,194