Sociology of science and medicine

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The Ozone Layer
The Ozone Layer: A Philosophy of Science Perspective provides the first thorough and accessible history of stratospheric ozone, from the discovery of ozone in the nineteenth century to current investigations of the Antarctic ozone hole. Drawing directly on the extensive scientific literature, Christ..
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AIDS, Rhetoric, and Medical Knowledge
This book examines the formation of scientific knowledge about the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s and shows the broader cultural assumptions which grounded this knowledge. Alex Preda highlights the metaphors, narratives, and classifications which framed scientific hypotheses about the nature of the infe..
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Narrating the New Predictive Genetics
This book explores the way changes in technology have altered the relationship between ethics and medicine. For some inherited diseases, new genetic testing technologies may provide much more accurate diagnostic and predictive information which raises important questions about consent, confidentiali..
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Messengers of Sex
Since the early twentieth century, hormones have commonly been understood as 'messengers of sex'. They are seen as essential to the development and functioning of healthy reproductive male and female bodies; millions take them as medications in the treatment of fertility, infertility and ageing. How..
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The Human Genome Diversity Project
The Human Genome Diversity Project (HGDP) was launched in 1991 by a group of population geneticists whose aim was to map genetic diversity in hundreds of human populations by tracing the similarities and differences between them. It quickly became controversial and was accused of racism and 'bad sci..
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The Social Basis of Scientific Discoveries
What constitutes a scientific discovery? How do discoveries happen and how are they recognised as such? These are questions of central concern to scientists and philosophers. In this book, Augustine Brannigan provides a critical examination of the major theories which have been devised to account fo..
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Aged Care
The aging of the population is a demographic phenomenon, a social problem and a policy issue. The numbers of aged and the cost of supporting and caring for them are increasing, as is the feminization of aging. Diane Gibson provides a broad overview of the issues and policy responses worldwide, and a..
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The Study of Dying
What is it really like to die? Though our understanding about the biology of dying is complex and incomplete, greater complexity and diversity can be found in the study of what human beings encounter socially, psychologically and spiritually during the experience. Contributors from disciplines as di..
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The Politics of Personalised Medicine
Pharmacogenetics, the use of genetic testing to prescribe and develop drugs, has been hailed as a revolutionary development for the pharmaceutical industry and modern medicine. Supporters of 'personalised medicine' claim the result will be safer, cheaper, more effective drugs, and their arguments ar..
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The Making of Green Knowledge
The Making of Green Knowledge provides a wide ranging introduction to the politics of the environment and the development of environmental knowledge. Focusing in particular on the quest in recent years for more sustainable forms of socio-economic development, it attempts to place environmental polit..
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Cannabis Use and Dependence
The use of cannabis in the late twentieth and this century is an area of medical and moral controversy. Despite its illegality, cannabis is the most widely used drug after alcohol and tobacco among young adults in the USA, Europe and Australia. This book, first published in 2003, explores the relati..
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Donor Insemination
Donor insemination or DI is the oldest and most widely practised form of assisted conception but, until now, it has been assessed largely from a medical perspective. This book brings together an international group of social scientists to discuss the social, cultural, political and practical dimensi..
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