Demography, social statistics

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Population and Marketing Settlements in Ch'ing China
The historical records of Ch'ing China (1644–1911) contain numerous statistics concerning the population in local areas and the distribution of markets. These figures provide information on two of the most important and least understood factors that were to affect China's modern development: the mas..
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The Australian People
Australia is one of the most ethnically diverse societies in the world today. From its ancient indigenous origins to British colonisation followed by waves of European then international migration in the twentieth century, the island continent is home to people from all over the globe. Each new wave..
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Religion and Fertility
This work is a critical investigation into the relationship between religious affiliation, on the one hand, and fertility, family size preferences and family planning behaviour, on the other. Dr Chamie works from a set of unique data: the 1971 Fertility and Family Planning Survey in Lebanon. This su..
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From White Australia to Woomera
There has never been a greater need for a sober, historically informed yet critical account of immigration policy in Australia. In this revised and updated edition, James Jupp, Australia's leading specialist on migration, surveys the changes in policy over the last thirty years since the seismic shi..
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Modernization, Value Change and Fertility in the Soviet Union
This book is about social change in the Soviet Union. It explores the way in which the social, economic and political transformations encompassed by modernization affect values and behaviours. Its analytical focus is the family and the system of norms and values governing sex roles and familial rela..
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The Demography of Inequality in Brazil
This book examines how transformations in Brazil's social, economic and political organization affect the demographic behaviour of people who live in different parts of the country and who occupy different positions in the social system. The authors review the history of unequal development and docu..
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The Mobility of Labor and Capital
In this empirical study, Saskia Sassen offers a fresh understanding of the processes of international migration. Focusing on immigration into the US from 1960 to 1985 and the part played by American economic activities abroad, as well as foreign investment in the US, she examines the various ways in..
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How Australia Compares
How Australia Compares is a handy reference that compares Australia with 17 other developed countries across a wide range of social, economic and political dimensions. Whenever possible, it gives not only snapshot comparisons from the present, but charts trends over recent decades or even longer. En..
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Demography is the study by statistical methods of human populants involving the measurement of their size, growth and diminution, the proportions living within some areas, being born, marrying, having children or dying and the related functions of fertility, nuptially and morality. This book begins ..
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Reproducing Families
Reviewing the course of English population history from 1066 to the eighties, this book challenges orthodoxies about the evolution of English family forms, and offers a bold interpretation of the inter-connections between social, economic, demographic and family history. Taking as the point of depar..
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Population, Gender and Politics
Roger and Patricia Jeffery are well known for their work on religion and gender in South Asia. In their latest book, a study of the demographic processes of two castes in rural north India, they ask why fertility levels are higher among the Muslim Sheikhs than the Hindu Jats. They conclude that expl..
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Population and Society
Population and Society: An Introduction to Demography is an ideal text for undergraduate, as well as graduate, students taking their first course in demography. It is sociologically oriented, although economics, political science, geography, history, and the other social sciences are also used to in..
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