Sociology of race and ethnicity

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The Italians in Australia
The Italians comprised the first truly large wave of immigrants to have arrived from Southern Europe after World War II. Today, people of Italian background in Australia number around one million. The Italians have made an enormous contribution to the development of Australian society through the tw..
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Promoting Racial Harmony
The years 1965–8 were the 'liberal hour' for race relations policy in Britain. Laws were then enacted, enforcement agencies created, and community relations councils established. These bodies, and their personnel, have been called 'the race relations industry'. To many people, the output of this 'in..
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European Immigration Policy
This book, first published in 1985, presents a comprehensive analysis of immigration policy in Europe. Six representative countries are looked at in detail: Sweden, Holland, Britain, France, West Germany and Switzerland. All have experienced large-scale postwar immigration and exemplify different po..
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Diaspora Politics
This book is intended to fill in a gap in the study of modern ethno-national diasporas. Thus, against the background of current trends - globalization, democratization, the weakening of the nation-state and massive transstate migration, it examines the politics of historical, modern and incipient et..
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White Talk, Black Talk
This book studies the relations between black and white adolescents in an urban environment (South London); the processes by which racism is relayed within adolescent communities, and the strategies which subvert or encourage them. More specifically Hewitt examines the sociolinguistic impact of the ..
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Ethnic Minorities and Industrial Change in Europe and North America
Following World War II, racial and ethnic minorities formed a pool of low-paid labour upon which the industrial city depended. When industrial production shifted overseas, the new, local, technological industries required fewer, better skilled workers. The consequence for those excluded was disastro..
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Black Youth, Racism and the State
In the 1980s the position of young blacks in British society became a key issue in the analysis of race relations. High levels of black youth unemployment and incidences of urban unrest focused attention on this group. This book provides an in-depth analysis of the state's role in this area of race ..
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South Asians Overseas
The South Asian diaspora came into being with the end of slavery in the British Empire. Huge numbers of labourers were recruited in the Indian sub-continent for indentured labour schemes, notably in Southeast Asia, South and East Africa, Mauritius, Fiji and the Caribbean, and also in French colonies..
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Cambridge University Press' highly regarded Migrants in Australia series of books is now available in a conveniently priced set. The set comprises the four key volumes; The Italians in Australia by Gianfranco Cresciani The Jews in Australia by Suzanne Rutland The English in Australia by James Jupp T..
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The Jews in Australia
Jews form only a tiny proportion of the Australian population, yet they have made outstanding contributions and have influenced Australian society immeasurably. Stories such as that of Sir John Monash, Australian commander-in-chief during World War I, whose legacy continues through Monash University..
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The Germans in Australia
Germans have played a significant part in Australian history since 1788. For the first hundred years of European settlement they were the largest ethnic group on the continent, contributing to the development of the hinterlands of Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria. Today ther..
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