Psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics

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Neurolinguistics and Linguistic Aphasiology
A comprehensive introduction to the emerging fields of neurolinguistics and linguistic aphasiology stresses concepts from the contributing disciplines of neurology, linguistics, psychology and speech...
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What biological factors make human communication possible? How do we process and understand language? How does brain damage affect these mechanisms, and what can this tell us about how language is organized in the brain? The field of neurolinguistics seeks to answer these questions, which are crucia..
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Clinical Pragmatics
Many children and adults experience significant breakdown in the use of language. The resulting pragmatic disorders present a considerable barrier to effective communication. This book is the first critical examination of the current state of our knowledge of pragmatic disorders and provides a compr..
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Progression and Regression in Language
This crosslinguistic collection looks at changes and developments in language involving gain or loss in structural complexity or utility. The dynamics of these processes of progression and regression are examined at the societal and the individual level, and the two are compared. In the former, the ..
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First and Second Language Acquisition
Infants and very young children develop almost miraculously the ability of speech, without apparent effort, without even being taught – as opposed to the teenager or the adult struggling without, it seems, ever being able to reach the same level of proficiency as five year olds in their first langua..
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Numbers, Language, and the Human Mind
What constitutes our number concept? What makes it possible for us to employ numbers the way we do; which mental faculties contribute to our grasp of numbers? What do we share with other species, and what is specific to humans? How does our language faculty come into the picture? This book addresses..
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Adult Language Acquisition
These two volumes present the methodology and results of an international research project on second language acquisition by adult immigrants. This project went beyond other studies in at least three respects: in the number of languages studied simultaneously; in the organisation of co-ordinated lon..
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Language and the Brain
How do our brains enable us to speak creatively and build up an understanding of language? This concise and accessible book examines the linguistic and neuro-anatomical underpinnings of language and considers how language skills can systematically break down in individuals with different types of br..
₦ 12,959
Understanding Children with Language Problems
Some children can hear and can speak, yet have trouble understanding or producing utterances. In this accessible introduction to children's language difficulties, Shula Chiat explores the stumbling blocks which lie behind their struggle. The uniqueness of this book lies in its focus on individual ch..
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Transformational Grammar as a Theory of Language Acquisition
The revolution in linguistic thought associated with the name of Professor Noam Chomsky centres on the theory of transformational generation, especially in grammar. This book subjects the main theory and some of its applications to a searching critique. It finds the theory in some places circular, i..
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Single-Word Usage, Cognitive Development, and the Beginnings of Combinatorial Speech
Previous investigators have believed that there is a 'holophrastic period' during the normal course of language acquisition, i.e. a period in which a child uses a single-word utterance to express something similar to the meaning which adults convey through the use of a relation, such as Fillmore's c..
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The Handbook of East Asian Psycholinguistics
A large body of knowledge has accumulated in recent years on the cognitive processes and brain mechanisms underlying language. Much of this knowledge has come from studies of Indo-European languages, in particular English. Korean, a language of growing interest to linguists, differs significantly fr..
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