Grammar and syntax

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An Introduction to Pidgins and Creoles
This textbook is a clear and concise introduction to the study of how new languages come into being. Starting with an overview of the field's basic concepts, it surveys the new languages that developed as a result of the European expansion to the Americas, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Long misunder..
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The Generative Interpretation of Dialect
A description of the phonology of modern Greek dialects from the point of view of their historical development in so far as this may be reconstructed from their modern form. An introductory chapter explains the basis of the approach adopted, and makes the book readily intelligible to the students of..
₦ 12,003
The Grammar of Case
A study of the different roles which nouns play in the event or state expressed by the verb or adjective with which they are associated. The book explores within the framework of transformational-generative grammar the 'localist hypothesis', which asserts that all the roles for nouns involve basical..
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Derivations in Minimalism
This pathbreaking study presents a new perspective on the role of derivation, the series of operations by which sentences are formed. Working within the Minimalist Program and focusing on English, the authors develop an original theory of generative syntax, providing illuminating new analyses of som..
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Coordination in Syntax
Coordination in syntax is an important part of the analysis of sentence structure. Niina Ning Zhang addresses the issues raised by coordinate pairings and the implications of these structures, looking in particular at examples within English and Chinese. The volume covers the major questions regardi..
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Parametric Variation
Parametric variation in linguistic theory refers to the systematic grammatical variation permitted by the human language faculty. Although still widely assumed, the parametric theory of variation has in recent years been subject to re-evaluation and critique. The Null Subject Parameter, which determ..
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The Syntax of Arabic
Recent research on the syntax of Arabic has produced valuable literature on the major syntactic phenomena found in the language. This guide to Arabic syntax provides an overview of the major syntactic constructions in Arabic that have featured in recent linguistic debates, and discusses the analyses..
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Topics in Ellipsis
Ellipsis occurs when certain portions of a sentence are unspoken - for example 'Jack called, but I don't know where [he called] from'. This volume proposes new and original solutions to some key questions in the study of ellipsis, making progress towards solving some central problems in syntactic an..
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Exploring Language Structure
Designed for those beginning to study linguistics, this is a lively introduction to two key aspects of the structure of language: syntax (the structure of sentences) and morphology (the structure of words). It shows students in a step-by-step fashion how to analyze the syntax and morphology of any l..
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Vorlesungen über Syntax: mit besonderer Berücksichtigung von Griechisch, Lateinisch und Deutsch
In 1920–1924 Jacob Wackernagel (1853–1938), Professor of Comparative Philology at the University of Basel, published two volumes of lectures on Greek, Latin and German syntax based on his 1918–1919 courses for beginning undergraduates (who would already have studied all three languages at school). W..
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Understanding Minimalism
Understanding Minimalism is an introduction to the Minimalist Program – the model of syntactic theory within generative linguistics. Accessibly written, it presents the basic principles and techniques of the minimalist program, looking firstly at analyses within Government and Binding Theory (the Mi..
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Language Typology and Syntactic Description
This three-volume survey brings together a team of leading scholars to explore the syntactic and morphological structures of the world's languages. Clearly organized and broad-ranging, it covers topics such as parts-of-speech, passives, complementation, relative clauses, adverbial clauses, inflectio..
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