Cognitive linguistics

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Language and Conceptualization
To what extent is conceptualization based on linguistic representation? And to what extent is it variable across cultures, communities, or even individuals? Of crucial importance in the attempt to develop a comprehensive theory of human cognition, these remain amongst the most difficult of questions..
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Language, Culture, and Mind
Based on fieldwork carried out in a Mayan village in Guatemala, this book examines local understandings of mind through the lens of language and culture. It focuses on a variety of grammatical structures and discursive practices through which mental states are encoded and social relations are expres..
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From Etymology to Pragmatics
This book offers a distinct approach to the analysis of the multiple meanings of English modals, conjunctions, conditionals and perception verbs. Although such ambiguities cannot easily be accounted for by feature-analyses of word meaning, Eve Sweetser's argument shows that they can be analysed both..
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Language and Spatial Cognition
This book provides a precise and thorough description of the meaning and use of spatial expressions, using both a linguistics and an artificial intelligence perspective, and also an enlightening discussion of computer models of comprehension and production in the spatial domain. The author proposes ..
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Grammars of Space
Spatial language - that is, the way languages structure the spatial domain – is an important area of research, offering insights into one of the most central areas of human cognition. In this collection, a team of leading scholars review the spatial domain across a wide variety of languages. Contrar..
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Cognitive Space and Linguistic Case
This study sheds light on the complex relationship between cognitive and linguistic categories. Challenging the view of cases as categories in cognitive space, Professor Schlesinger proposes an understanding of the concept of case. Drawing on evidence from psycholinguistic research and English langu..
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Memory and Context for Language Interpretation
This book presents computational mechanisms for solving common language interpretation problems including many cases of reference resolution, word sense disambiguation, and the interpretation of relationships implicit in modifiers. The proposed memory and context mechanisms provide the means for rep..
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Language, Usage and Cognition
Language demonstrates structure while also showing considerable variation at all levels: languages differ from one another while still being shaped by the same principles; utterances within a language differ from one another while exhibiting the same structural patterns; languages change over time, ..
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Mental Spaces in Grammar
Conditional constructions have long fascinated linguists, grammarians and philosophers. In this pioneering new study, Barbara Dancygier and Eve Sweetser offer a new descriptive framework for the study of conditionality, broadening the range of richly described conditional constructions. They explore..
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Cognitive Linguistics
Cognitive Linguistics argues that language is governed by general cognitive principles, rather than by a special-purpose language module. This introductory textbook surveys the field of cognitive linguistics as a distinct area of study, presenting its theoretical foundations and the arguments suppor..
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Person Reference in Interaction
How do we refer to people in everyday conversation? No matter the language or culture, we must choose from a range of options: full name ('Robert Smith'), reduced name ('Bob'), description ('tall guy'), kin term ('my son') etc. Our choices reflect how we know that person in context, and allow us to ..
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