Asian language and linguistics

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A History of the Japanese Language
Bjarke Frellesvig describes the development of the Japanese language from its recorded beginnings until the present day as reflected by the written sources and historical record. Beginning with a description of the oldest attested stage of the language, Old Japanese (approximately the eighth century..
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Modern Chinese
The Chinese language, spoken by over one billion people, has undergone drastic changes over the past century in a way unparalleled at any time previously. This book presents a comprehensive account of the development of Modern Chinese from the late nineteenth century up to the 1990s, concentrating o..
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Chinese is spoken by more people than any other language in the world, and has a rich social, cultural and historical background. This is a comprehensive guide to the linguistic structure of Chinese, providing an accessible introduction to each of the key areas. It describes the fundamentals of its ..
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Deutsch-Neuguinea und meine Ersteigung des Finisterre-Gebirges
Hugo Zöller (1852–1933) was a German journalist and explorer who travelled to South America, West Africa and New Guinea in the course of his exciting career. This book is an account, first published in 1891, of his expedition to New Guinea in 1888, during which he became the first European to explor..
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Indo-Scythian Studies
For some fifty years Sir Harold Bailey has studied and interpreted the northern area of Indian Buddhist culture in the Khotan Saka documents of Central Asia dated between the fifth and tenth centuries AD. In this volume the author discusses the form, provenance and identity of the peoples known to t..
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The Papuan Languages of New Guinea
This introduction to the descriptive and historical linguistics of the Papuan languages of New Guinea provide an accessible account of one of the richest and most diverse linguistic situations in the world. The Papuan languages number over 700 (or 20 per cent of the world's total) in more than sixty..
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Principles of Japanese Discourse
Principles of Japanese Discourse offers the first detailed description in English of the structure and rhetorical effects observed in various genres of Japanese discourse. Drawing on Japanese bunshooron and incorporating results of Western discourse studies, the book covers principles of overall rhe..
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The documents discussed in this 1937 book were found by Sir Aurel Stein at the turn of the twentieth century. In this text, they were interpreted for the first time. Mr Burrow has identified the language in which they are written, and has succeeded in interpreting their meaning. He here presents a g..
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Using Korean
This is a guide to Korean language usage for students who have already acquired the basics of the language. Unlike a conventional grammar, it highlights those areas of vocabulary and grammar which cause the most difficulty to English speakers. Clear, readable and easy to consult, it is essential for..
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The Ancient Languages of Asia and the Americas
This book, derived from the acclaimed Cambridge Encyclopedia of the World's Ancient Languages, describes the ancient languages of Asia and the Americas, for the convenience of students and specialists working in that area. Each chapter of the work focuses on an individual language or, in some instan..
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The Morphology of Chinese
This ground breaking study dispels the common belief that Chinese 'doesn't have words' but instead 'has characters'. Jerome Packard's book provides a comprehensive discussion of the linguistic and cognitive nature of Chinese words. It shows that Chinese, far from being 'morphologically impoverished'..
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Sentence Analysis in Modern Malay
This is a detailed application of the methods of linguistic analysis to the sentence structure of Malay. It is based on extended analysis of short dramatic texts in colloquial Malay by Dato' Dr Haji Zainal-Abidin bin Ahmad, best know under his pen name Za'ba. Miss Lewis' analyses are, with certain m..
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