African and Caribbean language and linguistics

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Dictionary of Jamaican English
This is the second edition of the authoritative Dictionary of Jamaican English, first published in 1967. This edition includes a greatly extended supplement and offers a systematic indexing of the extent to which the lexis is shared with other Caribbean countries: Surinam, Guyana, Trinidad, Barbados..
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Initia Amharica 3 Volume Paperback Set
C. H. Armbruster (1874–1957) was a civil servant in the Anglo-Sudan government and a linguist specialising in African languages. After visiting Ethiopia on diplomatic missions in 1906 and 1907, Armbruster started working on a description of the Amharic language, resulting in the publication of three..
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A Grammar of the Somali Language
Somali is one of the Cushitic family of languages spoken in the horn of Africa and the official language of Somalia. This practical grammar, published in 1905, was prepared by J. W. C. Kirk, who first learnt to speak the language during his service with Somali troops during the British Empire's fail..
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Phonetic Study of West African Languages
When it was first published in 1968, this monograph was among the most important contributions to the area of phonetic research in Africa since the publication of Westermann and Ward's Practical Phonetics for Students of African Languages in 1933. Drawing from a sample of sixty-one West African lang..
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Only a handful of the two hundred Aboriginal languages of Australia have been provided with detailed and professional linguistic descriptions. Ngiyambaa, from central New South Wales, shows important differences from languages in other parts of the continent, and demonstrates typological features th..
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Young People's Dyirbal
In 1972 when R. M. W. Dixon's classic grammar, The Dyirbal Language of North Queensland, was published, under thirty speakers of the 'traditional' language remained. Now only some of their children and grandchildren use the language; these younger people speak a simplified version. In this impressiv..
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Dictionary of the Hausa Language
The first English dictionary of Hausa, the lingua franca of West and Central Africa, was originally published in 1899, and this expanded fourth edition dates from 1925. The work of Charles Henry Robinson (1861–1925) contributed greatly to Western knowledge of the language. Volume 1 contains a Hausa–..
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Dictionary of the Hausa Language 2 Volume Paperback Set
Hausa is an African language originating in Niger and northern Nigeria and spoken widely in West and Central Africa as a lingua franca. Charles Henry Robinson (1861–1925) was the first student of the short-lived Hausa Association, formed in 1891 to promote the study of the Hausa Language and people...
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Coptic Etymological Dictionary
Coptic was the language spoken in Egypt from late ancient times to the seventeenth century, when it was overtaken by Arabic as the national language. Derived from ancient Egyptian, the language of the hieroglyphs, it was written in an adapted form of Greek script. This dictionary lists about 2,000 C..
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Ancient Egyptian
The language of Ancient Egypt has been the object of careful investigation since its decipherment in the nineteenth century, but this is the first accessible account which uses the insights of modern linguistics. Antonio Loprieno traces Ancient Egyptian's historical development from Old Egyptian to ..
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African Languages
This book is an introduction to African languages and linguistics, covering typology, structure and sociolinguistics. The twelve chapters are written by a team of fifteen eminent Africanists, and their topics include the four major language groupings (Niger-Congo, Nilo-Saharan, Afroasiatic and Khois..
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Initia Amharica
C. H. Armbruster (1874–1957) was a civil servant in the Anglo-Sudan government and a linguist specialising in African languages. After visiting Ethiopia on diplomatic missions in 1906 and 1907 Armbruster published this three-volume reference work on colloquial, spoken Amharic between 1908 and 1920. ..
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