Arabic and Middle Eastern language and linguistics

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Arabic Historical Phraseology
Professor Beeston's Written Arabic is designed primarily to bring research students and others quickly to a reading knowledge of modern Arabic in order to use Arabic source materials. Because Arabic has a very specialised vocabulary Written Arabic contains comparatively little exercise material with..
₦ 10,728
A Modern Persian Prose Reader
First published in 1968, this volume of Persian language texts is intended to accompany the author's Modern Persian Prose Literature (Cambridge, 1966). It contains representative passages from the works of major Persian writers, which are taken from the hundred years preceding the original publicati..
₦ 12,003
Written Arabic
The aim of this introduction to modern written Arabic is to bring the student quickly to a reading knowledge of the language so that he can use Arabic sources in subjects like history, economics and sociology. The book can also be used in conjunction with others as an ordinary grammar. Professor Bee..
₦ 11,047
A Grammar of the Arabic Language Combined Volume Paperback
Dr Wright's translation of Caspari's Arabic Grammar first appeared in 1859. Since that time it has been thoroughly revised and enlarged, and has become the standard authority. Volume I contains sections on orthography and pronunciation, on the verb, the noun and adjective, on numerals, prepositions,..
₦ 28,900
Elementary Persian Grammar
Mr Elwell-Sutton's book provides a simple grammatical framework for contemporary written Persian. It is based on the characteristic idiom and phraseology of the language as it is used in newspapers, magazines and novels. The student is introduced to Persian script from the first lesson. Words are fu..
₦ 14,872
Grammar of the Dialects of the Vernacular Syriac
₦ 10,409
The Modern Egyptian Dialect of Arabic
Originally published in 1895, the aim of this book was to provide the reader with a guide to the contemporary spoken Arabic of Egypt, with special reference to the speech of Cairo and its neighbourhood. The greater part of the text provides the reader with the basic grammatical structure of the lang..
₦ 12,959
Persian Vocabulary
This work, a companion to Professor Lambton's Persian Grammar (also available in a Students' edition), is intended mainly for the student of contemporary Persian. It will, however, also be a useful handbook for those who wish to read classical Persian literature. The Persian-English and English-Pers..
₦ 19,975
Persian Grammar
Comprehensive, accurate, complete and scholarly, and contains sufficient reading matter to enable the student to handle the language for himself...
₦ 18,062
The Persian Metres
In this 1976 volume, L.P. Elwall-Sutton provides a complete introduction to and survey of the metres used in Persian classical poetry, which extends from the 9th century AD onwards. The book begins with a detailed description of the traditional method of classifying the metres of both Arabic and Per..
₦ 11,047
Using Arabic Synonyms
Designed for those who have already developed a basic competence in Arabic, this comprehensive synonyms guide aims to broaden and improve the learner's vocabulary by helping them find the right word for the right context. Presenting words of related meaning together, it provides a range of options w..
₦ 16,469
A Reference Grammar of Modern Standard Arabic
A Reference Grammar of Modern Standard Arabic is a comprehensive handbook on the structure of Arabic. Keeping technical terminology to a minimum, it provides a detailed yet accessible overview of Modern Standard Arabic in which the essential aspects of its phonology, morphology and syntax can be rea..
₦ 22,844