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Language Socialization across Cultures
Children's aquisition of language and their acquisition of culture are processes that have usually been studied separately. In exploring cross-culturally the connections between the two, this volume provides a new, alternative, integrated approach to the developmental study of language and culture. ..
₦ 12,641
Pidginization and Creolization of Languages
This collection of essays on the pidginization and creolization of language is taken from a conference held at The University of the West Indies in April 1968. Its editor, Dell Hymes, was an incredibly influential sociolinguist and anthropologist in his lifetime, president of the Linguistic Society ..
₦ 12,003
The Seeds of Speech
Human language is a weird communication system: it has more in common with birdsong than with the calls of other primates. In this wide-ranging and accessible overview, Jean Aitchison explores the origins of human language and how it has evolved. She likens the search to a vast pre-historic jigsaw p..
₦ 10,091
AIDS Counselling
Conversations between AIDS counsellors and their clients bring delicate and potentially threatening issues into play. In this study Anssi Peräkylä applies the principles of conversation analysis to his exploration of AIDS counselling, using data from video-recorded counselling sessions in a London t..
₦ 19,019
Language, Migration, and Identity
While much scholarship has been devoted to the interplay between language, identity and social relationships, we know less about how this plays out interactionally in diverse transient settings. Based on research in Indonesia, this book examines how talk plays an important role in mediating social r..
₦ 22,844
Dynamics of a Creole System
In this volume the author describes and systematically accounts for language variation in a Creole-speaking community and assesses the implications the study has on generally accepted notions of the nature of language. Based on an extensive study of Guyana, South America, the volume analyses the bew..
₦ 11,684
Language in the British Isles
The British Isles are home to a vast range of different spoken and signed languages and dialects. Language continues to evolve rapidly, in its diversity, in the number and the backgrounds of its speakers, and in the repercussions it has had for political and educational affairs. This book provides a..
₦ 12,959
Pidgin and Creole Languages
Hugo Schuchardt was effectively the founder of the flourishing field of creole studies. He assembled an enormous corpus of source-material in the form of texts, transcripts, word-lists and dictionaries and between 1880 and 1920 published the results with his own commentaries in a series of reviews a..
₦ 11,047
Scandinavian Language Contacts
This authoritative collection examines both language contacts in Scandinavia proper and also contacts with non-Scandinavian languages. The language situation in Scandinavia is a rich and complex one, yet hitherto little of the material has been available in English. All the essays have as their basi..
₦ 13,597
Language and Gesture
This landmark study examines the role of gestures in relation to speech and thought. Leading scholars, including psychologists, linguists and anthropologists, offer state-of-the-art analyses to demonstrate that gestures are not merely an embellishment of speech but are integral parts of language its..
₦ 13,597
Gender and Politeness
Gender and Politeness challenges the notion that women are necessarily always more polite than men as much of the language and gender literature claims. Sara Mills discusses the complex relations between gender and politeness and argues that although there are circumstances when women speakers, draw..
₦ 12,959
When first published in 1980, Dialectology broke new ground by integrating urban dialectology (sociolinguistics), dialect geography and spatial variation into a cohesive discipline. In this second edition, the authors take account of the renaissance of dialect research in the last twenty years. They..
₦ 14,234