Marketing Management

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Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green: Winning Strategies to Improve Your Profits and Your Planet
These Two Masters of Marketing Want to Pass Their Most Powerful Success Strategies on to You! Learn to: Slash marketing costs and boost profits by making your business as green and ethical as possible Easily turn your customers, suppliers, and even competitors into your unofficial sales ..
₦ 8,914
Marketing and Finance: Creating Shareholder Value
Written for marketing and finance directors, CEOs, and strategists, as well as MBA students, this practical book explains the principles and practice behind rigorous due diligence in marketing. It connects marketing plans and investment to the valuation of the firm and how it can contribute to incre..
₦ 14,875
Grow the Core: How to Focus on your Core Business for Brand Success
Grow the Core stands conventional wisdom about business growth on its head and provides a proven formula for growing your business in recessionary times. These days, it′s a common belief among business leaders across industry sectors that the best way to grow their businesses is to expand into n..
₦ 11,050
Market Segmentation: How to Do It and How to Profit from It, Revised 4th Edition
Market Segmentation: How to do it and how to profit from it, revised and updated 4th Edition is the only book that spells out a totally dispassionate, systematic process for arriving at genuine, needs-based segments that can enable organizations to escape from the dreay, miserable, downward pricing ..
₦ 17,000
Sustainability Marketing: A Global Perspective, 2nd Edition
The new and extended Second Edition of the award-winning textbook Sustainability Marketing: A Global Perspective provides a sustainability-oriented vision of marketing for the twenty-first century. Adopting a a consumer marketing focus, it emphasises integrating sustainability principles into both m..
₦ 23,364
The Five Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask About Your Organization
With Peter Drucker's five essential questions and the help of five of today's thought leaders, this little book will challenge readers to take a close look at the very heart of their organizations and what drives them. A tool for self-assessment and transformation, answering these five questions wil..
₦ 7,427
Essential Tools for Operations Management: Tools, Models and Approaches for Managers and Consultants
The third book in the Essential Tools For series… on the topic of Operations Management Based on Simon Burtonshaw-Gunn's successful The Essential Management Toolbox, this book focuses in greater depth on the topic of Operations Management. This third book covers the areas of marketing, CRM and Pro..
₦ 10,625
Managing Customers Through Economic Cycles
Whether you are a global Fortune 500 organization or a small business Managing Customers Through Economic Cycles show you how to optimize your business's sales and marketing approaches specific to survive and thrive in each economic cycle and transition. "The business case for continuing to invest..
₦ 13,813
Survive, Exploit, Disrupt: Action Guidelines for Marketing in a Recession
Recessions -- there may not be anything we can do to stop them, but we have plenty of choices when it comes to our response. During a recession too much time can be spent trying to guess what impact it may have, while too little time is spent exploring the strategic options available. Survive, E..
₦ 11,677
The Global Airline Industry
In today's rapidly changing air transport environment, the aviation professionals   require access to advanced and comprehensive knowledge, coupled with an in-depth understanding of the needs of the airline industry. Drawing on the editors’ extensive experience with airline and air transport issues,..
₦ 29,750
Beating Low Cost Competition: How Premium Brands can respond to Cut-Price Rivals
Low cost competitors, who offer “good enough” products and services at very attractive prices, are currently significantly impacting the businesses of many leading companies, and some are starting to “move up” to challenge the traditional companies in their core markets. It’s only a matter of time b..
₦ 12,325
The Green Marketing Manifesto
We are currently eating, sleeping and breathing a new found religion of everything ‘green’. At the very heart of responsibility is industry and commerce, with everyone now racing to create their ‘environmental’ business strategy. In line with this awareness, there is much discussion about the ‘green..
₦ 11,050